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Pear OS Linux 3.0 Performance Reviews

Ubuntu with Mac OS Taste

If you like Ubuntu, but want to feel the sensation of Mac OS, you should try Pear OS Linux 3.0 version.

Pear OS deliberately made with the feel of Mac OS by its developers. Just look at names OS version 3.0 “Panther”, similar to that used in Mac OS. Likewise with the slogan that carried this OS, “Think Totally Different”, a little modification for the slogan “Think Different” from Apple. Logo with a pear bitten also inspired by the Apple logo.

Pear OS Linux 3.0 is the development of Ubuntu 11.10 made by Frenchman David Tavares. Although Ubuntu 11.10 derivative, this distribution does not use the desktop manager and choose Gnome Unity 3.2 That is simpler, easier and has an attractive appearance.

Because based on Ubuntu 11.10, Pear uses the same installation process with Ubuntu “original” the Ubiquity installer. Fun, from here you will not encounter any difficulties during installation, the installation either independently or in a dual boot mode with Windows or OS else. If you lay on the hard disk partition, this installation provides the option to automatically and you just follow the wizard is.

Pear OS uses appearance like Mac OS. The most clearly visible on the dock-style application launcher. If you explore deeper, you will also see the appearance that has been modified in such a way as to Mac OS nuances like. Some of the shortcuts on the dock have been installed by default like the Finder which is an explorer and Launchpad which is a modified Ubuntu’s Slingshot launcher.

Pear OS also provides a backup application with Back In Time name. Its function is similar to Apple’s Time Machine or System Restore on Windows. As the default browser, Opera version 11.60 is used. To run the audio file, available Clementine applications.

Initially, the Pear is made for 64-bit based systems. However, its new version also provides a 32-bit version. 64-bit version has a size of 1 GB and 32-bit version just about 900 MB. The amount of capacity is due to have included some codec Pear repository so that you no longer need to manually download it.

Unfortunately, the file installation size considerably is still not to include document processing applications packages such as OpenOffice or Libre Office. For typing activities, available only applications Ed, Nano, while to read PDF files available Pear-PDF-Viewer applications.

1demo banner 468x60

Pear OS is a distro that works for you who want to feel the sensation of Ubuntu combined with the appearance Mac OS style. With the look that makes it easy and attractive, this OS can be an option for those who want to switch from Windows.


Type: Open source/Free
Size of installation files: 32-bit (900 MB), 64-bit (1 GB)
Website: //pear-os-linux.fr/
Operating System: 32/64-bit processor, 512 MB RAM memory, an 8GB hard disk, graphics card of at least 800×600 resolution, CD / DVD drive or USB port.

cnwintech pearos bp


Some bugs are still found in this OS even though has been updated. One of them on the display language. Although you have changed the language, some of the menus still have a look at the French language.



cnwintech pearos oa


OS AppStore

To be more nuanced Mac OS, Pear modifying Ubuntu Software Center and change its name to Pear OS AppStore. Here we see some of the menus are still using the French language.



cnwintech pearos sl


Shortcut Launchpad

LaunchPad is a launcher shortcut application. These tools can display a menu with several applications installed by category, in full-screen mode.




Plus: Display attractive style of Mac OS; available backup applications; by default, it is installed multimedia codecs (audio and video standard); lighter than Ubuntu 11.10.

Minus: Not included Office applications; some details still speak French.

 CnwinTech Score Assessment:

 - Usage: 4
 - Performance: 4
 - Feature: 3.75
 - Price: 5
 - Total Score: 4.12

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