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Full Performance Review MX Master 3 for Mac and Review MX Keys for Mac from Logitech

Keyboard and Mouse Review. Author Experience, using only the original product, also has a very comfortable environment while using the Logitech mouse and keyboard for macOS.

Story Highlights
  • Very high usage rates for genuine products for macOS users.
  • Wireless mouse MX MASTER 3 for Mac Advanced Wireless Mouse for Mac users, and wireless keyboard MX KEYS for Mac Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard KX800M

Review MX Master 3 for Mac and Review MX Keys for Mac.

Suddenly, I don’t think a lot of macOS users are using third-party peripherals. Apple is a manufacturer developing hardware and software, and for the iMac, they included “Magic Keyboard” and “Magic Mouse 2” are perfectly aligned in terms of design. That’s a big reason.

Genuine Apple products are beautiful. The processed aluminum material has the same texture as the main body and has a high-quality interior, so it seems that few people dare to find out and buy third party products.

As a test for three mac users, are you using a non-native keyboard or mouse that is familiar with macOS? I ask. The three respondents used original products. One respondent said, “iPad uses a Bluetooth keyboard.”

The features of Logitech mouse “MX Master 3 for Mac” and the “MX Keys for Mac” keyboard that I tried this time were a company that was developing products for macOS device users. So what’s the reason for using third-party peripherals? I’ve used the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 11-inch MacBook Air, 12-inch MacBook, and 21.5-inch iMac for business.

How about a MacBook?

Check out the MacBook and iMac. This is a laptop computer in the first place, with a built-in keyboard and touchpad. When I look at reporters sitting around me, like during my interviews, the level of use of the MacBook is quite high, but I don’t remember seeing anyone using the peripherals. Almost all use it themselves.

It can be said that people using macOS often don’t bundle up third-party peripherals in their environment and people who are close to me.

review mx master 3 for mac
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: MX Master 3 for Mac. In addition to the left and right-click buttons, scroll buttons (MagSpeed wheel), and horizontal scroll buttons (thumbwheel), these buttons include the shift mode button below the scroll key, the back / forward button below the horizontal scroll button, and the thumb motion button.

In fact, the same is true for the author himself, and he’s only used the original peripherals. This is because, in my opinion, the original product is normal and the best. However, I’m curious if it’s labeled for macOS.

1demo banner 300x250

As soon as I started using the MX Master 3 for Mac, my commitment to the original product disappeared. Very comfortable to hold. If you are interested in PC peripherals, you know that Logitech peripherals are primarily about ergonomic design, which is called ergonomic design.

The MX Master 3 for Mac also fully incorporates that knowledge, and the curved surface that fits in the palm is comfortable.

Magic Mouse is somewhat “simple” and “plain”. Although it has the great advantage of being able to make mouse movements, I think men with slightly smaller hands and larger hands often use it in a pinched shape, with about 60% area on the fingertip side of the palm.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 03 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Very comfortable to grip and stress-free

I won’t neglect the original product I have used for years, but when I looked at the grip, I was impressed that it can be made into a shape that is very easy to handle. The MX Master 3 for Mac is slightly bigger than a typical mouse, and it’s solid and reliable.

If you compare it to others, that’s the difference between a cool chair and a heavy sofa.

It makes sense to just replace this convenient and reliable handle. But that’s why MX Master 3 for Mac is said to be special for macOS.

First, a “gesture button” is mounted at the position of the thumb when grasped with the right hand. Hold down here and move the mouse left or right to switch between desktops, move it up, or simply press it to control missions (display all open applications so they don’t overlap), and move them down to App Expose (lists open windows for each application) starts.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 04 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Easy to get started with “Mission Control” (which should be) that macOS users often use

In terms of operation, the original product which is only equipped with fingertip movements is certainly interesting, but the MX Master 3 for Mac which is controlled by the movement of the whole mouse seems very comfortable to use. You will get used to it. Personally, I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis in my finger.

It must be because he was pressing the keyboard and operating the trackpad with his fingertips all day long. Tenosynovitis is quite painful with a soft, dull ache all the time, but the MX Master 3 for Mac “mouseovers” action takes the pressure off your fingertips. Instead, it uses the arm muscles. Apart from the ergonomic design, this point is also suitable for the long term and long term continuous use.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 05 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Horizontal scroll button, it’s convenient when dealing with horizontally long spreadsheet data files

Additionally, horizontal scrolling is very useful when handling spreadsheet data files that are horizontal in length. With the Magic Mouse, you can scroll sideways by sliding two fingers to the side, but with the MX Master 3 for Mac, you can operate it by rolling it lightly with your thumb, giving the impression that the load on your fingers is even less.

The scroll wheel can be switched between ratchet (semi-fixed) and free spin (continuous inert rotating) by pressing the mode switch below. You can usually use it as a ratchet, or switch to free spins when you want to get to the bottom of long chords all at once.

Charging is done with the included USB Type-C cable. Since both ends are TUSB Type-C cables, they are interesting because they can be used as on personal computers that only have a USB Type-C terminal, such as the current MacBook.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 06 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Can be paired with up to 3 devices and can be activated on the back of the mouse
cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 07 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Enter the MX Master 3 for Mac menu from Logi Options

Review MX Master 3 for Mac, More convenient with LogiOptions

You can use it more comfortably by downloading the special free application “Logi Option” from the official website.

Logi Option is an application that lets you centrally manage Logitech peripherals, and you can set button assignments, scroll speed, scroll direction, etc. From the menu of each device.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 08 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: Since the key assignments can be changed, for example, it is possible to set the shift mode key to activate mission control.
cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 09 min
Review MX Master 3 for Mac: The pointer trajectory speed and scroll speed can be adjusted gradually and smoothly. Find the best setting.

In short, it’s a mouse that manages to replace the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad finger gestures with unique buttons and gestures to create stress-free specs.

MX Master 3 for Mac and your Mac devices can be connected via Bluetooth. As it can be paired with up to 3 devices, you can pair it with a MacBook for travel, MacBook for work, and iMac for home, and always carry it with you to achieve the same operating feeling even if the environment changes. You can also use it like this. By the way, it can be used not only on Mac but also on the iPad.

review mx keys for mac
Review MX Keys for Mac: Logitech MX Keys Keyboard for Mac

Review MX Keys for Mac, A high-quality keyboard that can be paired with an iPad

Let’s also take a look at MX Keys for Mac.

Compared to MX Master 3 for Mac, it lacks any special features compared to the original product. In short, it’s a high-quality keyboard with an alphabet layout for macOS.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 11 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, connection using the attached receiver is also possible.

Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB Type-A receiver. It can be charged via the USB Type-C terminal at the top and can be continuously pushed for up to 10 days when fully charged. If the backlight is turned off, it can be used for up to 5 months nominally.

The Apple original Magic Keyboard says “a month or more on a single charge” on its official website, and it’s not clear how long the battery will last, but in my experience, if used less frequently it might last two months or more.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 12 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Provide a terminal for charging at the top

In this respect, MX Keys for Mac tends to be superior when it comes to battery life. Whether or not the backlight is present and its battery capacity is disclosed, and it is said to be “very likely” in an uncertain sense because it cannot be tried for 5 months, but “turn off the backlight. If you use up to 5 months,” you may have a battery capacity more than a certain amount.

Apart from that, the main body has a built-in proximity sensor to detect hands. When you bring your hands closer, the backlight turns on, which saves power. I love saving energy, but the fact that “the keyboard shines when you put your hand closer” it is cool to look at, and it changes the mood when going to the computer.

MX Keys for Mac can also be combined with an iPad, and you can pair Mac and iPad to achieve the same keyboard environment even if the environment changes.

As stated in the package, if the “FileVault” encryption method is enabled on the macOS side, the Bluetooth device may not connect at startup, and you will not be able to enter the login password. In my verification environment it works fine with Bluetooth connections, but when used in combination with FileVault the connection using the included receiver is reliable.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 13 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Pairing with an iPad is also possible

Excellent keying feeling due to the special shaped key top

I also want to pay attention to the shape of the key. The keys are about 1.8 mm in size and the key pitch is about 19 mm, which gives the impression of a large size, and although comfortable to press from the start, the top of the keys are rounded and dented, and the feeling of close contact with the fingers is high.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 14 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: The top of the key buttons is round and sticks to your finger.

Many keyboards have subtle curves at a noticeable level at the keytop, but when they protrude so tightly, it feels distinctly different.

The finger that is placed is held firmly, it is difficult to shake, and stable typing is possible. Even if your finger touches the keys with a blind touch, the boundaries between the keys and the adjacent keys are clearly visible, so typos are highly unlikely.

What are the advantages of an alphabet keyboard?

MX Keys for Mac use US (alphabet) keys, so you may get confused when migrating from another keyboard such as a JIS (Japanese) keyboard.

I usually use US keys, but there are two main advantages. The first plus that’s easy to understand is that the keys are looking neat.

On a JIS keyboard, apart from the alphabet, hiragana for kana input is printed, but this is for the kana input and is not used when entering Roman characters if you type in Romaji, I think the English keyboard is cleaner and easier to read.

Another advantage is that the arrangement of the keys feels rational and orderly.

In easy-to-understand parts, the space key is longer than a JIS keyboard, and when you place your hand in the starting position, both thumbs touch the edge of the space key. When working with a lot of space, such as coding, this slight difference greatly affects workability.

The enter (back) and backspace (key names on Macs are removed) also extend horizontally, and the key tips are within a range that can easily be reached with the right little finger and the right ring finger.

The length of your finger is also a factor, but once you get used to it, the keyboard is very easy to use, although you always put your hand in the middle, so that your finger can reach the frequently used keys with a reasonable (well-designed). By the way, in the case of the author, switching between right and alphabet is assigned to Command + Space.

In the case of JIS keys on Mac, “kana” and “alphabet” are arranged to the left and right of the Space key, but once you get used to it, it will be more convenient to switch (alternately change) the alphabet and kana with the same key combination. It can be used.

Suppose you have a scene where you try to enter an alphabetical character, but it is set to kana. In this case, you can switch to the desired input method by pressing Command + Space at any time with the alphabet keyboard.

However, if there are two key options, “Kana” and “Alphabet”, it is necessary to make a temporary assessment such as “Which of the Kana and Alphabet keys should be pressed?” In other words, the US key simply “presses”, but the JIS “selects” and “presses” keys increases the flow one by one.

This is very trivial, but if you are a programmer by profession writing code, previews, email, and so on, these trivial differences should have a big impact on your total efficiency.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 15 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Undo, cut, copy and paste are actually different

It’s pretty trivial, but the frequently commonly used like Undo (Command + Z), cut (Command + X), copy (Command + C), and paste (Command + V) are also easy to press. On the JIS Magic Keyboard, Z is almost directly above the Command. Z, X, and C are easy to press at the same time as Command, but when you press V with your index finger at the same time, it looks like you are slightly pressing your index finger.

Conversely, in the case of the MX Keys for Mac, X is located directly above Commands, and it is easy to press any Z, X, C, V at the same time as a command. There are no alphabet keys on either side of the Space, and your thumb can always be placed between Command and Space, so you can use the Command + Z | X | C | V, which is often used with a slight movement of the finger.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 16 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Easy-to-understand symbol arrangement

In addition, it is easy to understand that there is an order in the symbols that can be entered with the same key shift, such as { and [, " and ', : and ;. A big advantage. With JIS keys, these areas are placed next to each other or on the above and below, and four symbols can be printed on one key, so it’s easy to get confused, but with the US key, it’s easy to understand.

They all have some “familiar, easy-to-use methods”, but the US layout has many advantages. Conversely, even if you have resistance to US keys, you will get used to it as soon as you start using them. For those who are thinking of buying MX Keys for Mac and feel that the US layout is a drag, I want to say, “It’s easy to get used to and comfortable.” The keyboard itself is wonderfully crafted, so why not give it a try together?

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 17 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: MX Keys for Mac also allows you to instantly switch between 3 devices with the key buttons
cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 18 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: Entering the MX Keys for Mac menu from the LogiOptions application

Screenshot is okay with one shot

MX Keys for Mac, of course, also supports customization with the LogiOptions app. In addition to the F1 through F12 keys, you can customize a total of 18 keys, including the eject button, fn key, and F16 through F19.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 19 min
Review MX Keys for Mac: In addition to F1 to F12, there are 6 keys that can be customized

The assigned functions are brightness, volume up/down, desktop gesture, screenshot, etc., but the most convenient thing is that you can launch any application and register any key combination.

For example, if you register Adobe Photoshop CC at F16, register command + shift + 3 on F17, register command + shift + 4 on F18, and send F17 by email when you want to email the whole screen, you want to cut and send only one place. Can be used by pressing F18.

You can register commands with a high test frequency such as command + S (save) and command + shift + S (save as), or command + shift + R (cache clear) and command + option + ESC (force termination of application). Interesting to register shortcuts that use one key so that it can be started more easily.

Mouse and keyboard for a comfortable working environment

We gave the impression we tried MX Master 3 for Mac and MX Keys for Mac. Prices are around USD 142 each, which is more than the original product, but the MX Master 3 for Mac is solidly built as a mouse and the MX Keys for Mac is solidly built as a keyboard. This is an excellent product.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 20 min
Combined with LogiOption, it will be a device that is more suitable for each user.

It can be paired with three devices and has the advantage of achieving the same operation even if the devices change. I would especially recommend it to users who use multiple macOS and iOS devices on a regular basis. In particular, lately, I think the number of readers working from home is increasing. It’s interesting to place the MacBook, which you are less likely to carry around with you, on the stand, and use these two products in combination.

I haven’t tried it in this article, but you can use LogiOption’s customizable Logitech Flow feature to move the cursor across multiple devices and place files for more convenience.

cnwintech review mx master 3 for mac and mx keys mac 21 min
You can also use the Logitech Flow function.

Additionally, I would like to note that the coloring matches Apple’s color space gray product line. This time it’s paired with the iMac, but the space gray color of iMac Pro will look more harmonious.

When combined with LogiOption, this is also the point where any user can easily adjust it to the most comfortable conditions. If the appeal of a genuine Apple product was a sense of oneness with well-thought-out and integrated software, the appeal of the MX Master 3 for Mac and MX Keys for Mac is its specialization in peripheral and user usability. Interestingly, you can season it flexibly according to taste.

Main specificationsMX MASTER 3 for Mac
Product nameMX MASTER 3 for Mac Advanced Wireless Mouse
Sensor methodDarkfield
resolution200dpi-4000dpi (can be set in 50dpi increments)
Total number of buttons (including tilt function)7
Drive timeUp to 70 days with the charging of about 2 hours (based on 5 days a week, 8 hours a day)
Wireless wayBluetooth
I/F ConnectionUSB Type-C/Bluetooth Low Energy
ColorSpace gray
Supported OSmacOS 10.15 or later, iPadOS 13.4 or later
Size / weightApproximately width 84.3 mm x depth 124.9 mm x height 51 mm / approx. 141 g
Main specifications of the Logitech MX MASTER 3 for Mac
Main specificationsMX KEYS for Mac
Product nameMX KEYS for Mac Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard KX800M
Key layoutEnglish keyboard layout for Mac
Key structure / designpantograph
Key pitch19.0mm
Pressing pressure60 ± 20 g
Drive timeUp to 10 days on a 4-hour full charge, or up to 5 months with the backlight off (based on 5 days a week, 8 hours a day)
Wireless way2.4 GHz unifying receiver, Bluetooth Low Energy
I/F ConnectionUSB/USB Type-C/Bluetooth Low Energy
ColorSpace grey
Supported OSBluetooth: macOS 10.15 or later, iPad OS 13.1 or later, iOS 9 or later, USB receiver: macOS 10.15 or later (Bluetooth Low Energy technology compatible device that supports keyboard or has a USB port)
Size / weightApproximately width 430.2 mm x depth 131.63 mm x height 20.5 mm / approx. 810 g
Main specifications of the Logitech MX KEYS for Mac

Check our store if you are interested to buy this Logitech MX Master 3 mouse for Mac and Logitech MX Keys keyboard for Mac with great deals and other parts accessories there. You can also click the Shop Now button below to buy it on external vendors.

Score Assessment

Design - 9
Facilities & Features - 9.5
Performance - 8.5
Battery and User Experience - 8.7
Price - 7



We gave the impression we tried MX Master 3 for Mac and MX Keys for Mac. Prices are around USD 142 each, which is more than the original product, but the MX Master 3 for Mac is solidly built as a mouse and the MX Keys for Mac is solidly built as a keyboard. This is an excellent product.Shop Now

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)

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