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PdaNet Performance Review, Utilizing Android-Based Smartphone as an Access Point

cnwintech review pdanet

Want to utilize an Android-based smartphone as an access point? Or want to connect it with the computer and make it work as a modem? If yes, you can use the PdaNet application. PdaNet could use as a bridge between Android smartphone (which serves as a modem) with a computer (which serves as a client).

What is required is an Android smartphone with an internet connection, a PC, and a data cable with a USB connection. Supported operating systems for computers are Windows and Mac OS. For the majority of Android phones, PdaNet could be run without the rooting process.

Besides Windows and Android, PdaNet is also available for various platforms such as Blackberry OS, IOS, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS. Besides Data cable, you can use a Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi as the connector between computers and smartphones. But, for two of the wireless connection, you must install additional applications on Android, namely FoxFi application. FoxFi itself can be used for free.

Installation can be done easily. Its stages too simple and have guided for a novice user can use it without problems. You must install PdaNet on computers to be used. You also need to install the PdaNet Android version which can be found through Google Play Store (formerly known as Google Market).

Once the installation is done on both devices, the configuration is done via smartphone. If you want to use wireless connections (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi), USB data cable still needed for the installation process. Furthermore, the cable could be removed and a wireless connection can be enabled.

Especially for users outside the United States and Canada, PdaNet can be used for free and legally without any feature reduction. PdaNet application allows the owner to make an Android smartphone as a modem. This application can even be developed for the Android smartphone to function as a hotspot utilizing a Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi.


TypeFree (outside U.S. and Canada)
Installation Size117 KB / 2.7 MB (Android / Windows)
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS/BlackBerry OS/Windows Mobile/PalmOS, Windows, Mac OS.


Plus: Free for users outside the U.S. and Canada; support USB connections, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi; easy activation

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Minus: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth require additional applications FoxFi

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