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Review realme Smart TV 43, Bring Smart Impressions in High Resolution, Great Sound

Smart TV Review

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  • So far, we know realme as a manufacturer of cellphones and peripherals, but in line with their plan to create an AIoT ecosystem, aka Artificial Intelligent of Things, realme also releases smart devices in the Home appliance class, the realme Smart TV.

Review realme Smart TV. Comes in two variants, namely 32 inches and 43 inches, the realme immediately kicked off with television that had loudspeakers. When tested in a relatively large room, around 10 x 10 m, the volume of this realme smart TV managed to cover all corners of the room with only about 20% of the highest volume. A thing that is sometimes forgotten by thin screen television manufacturers.

Interestingly, this Smart TV realm is sold at a relatively affordable price. CnwinTech Labs had the opportunity to review one of the best variants, which is 43 inches. Takes Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Review realme Smart TV – Design

This 43-inch LED panel television has a width of 967.5 mm, or almost one meter, with a height of 560 mm with feet attached or 504 mm without feet, and the thickest part reaches 87 mm without calculating the length of the legs. It is relatively thin and light enough, at just 6.8 kg, lighter than other 43-inch televisions.

This is fun for those who like to tinker with a room, moving it doesn’t need help from others. Just carry it yourself, but you have to be careful.

As support when standing, realme Smart TV has been equipped with two legs made of hard plastic material in the two lower corners of this TV. Installation requires a medium-sized screwdriver, but it’s easy.

If you prefer to put it on the wall, there are already holes to attach the TV to the standard VESA bracket which you can get separately which is commonly found in electronics stores.

review realme smart tv

As we mentioned above, this 43-inch variant is the best you can take home. Because this product has brought a Full HD display panel which has become the standard for digital video viewing with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Another variant, which is 32 inches, only carries a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, or 51 percent smaller than FHD. In fact, this is a resolution that is still popular in LED TV sets today. But if you have sufficient funds, it’s a good idea to choose the FHD 1080p one, because it will provide a maximum digital video viewing experience.

1available ads room - 728x90

This TV carries a bezel-less design featuring a very thin bezel. Only 8.7 mm. This is the standard bezel size of today’s TV, will make your TV set as a decoration in the corner of the living room, both when it is on and when it is turned off.

cnwintech realme smart tv 43 bring smart impressions in high resolution blaring sound 3

realme Smart TV supports 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 multiple connections, as well as infrared. You can connect high-speed internet through this connection, as well as connect other devices such as a Bluetooth microphone for karaoke or a Bluetooth headset to get audio quality for privacy needs.

Apart from the wireless connection above, we can also find a number of connection interfaces on the back of the television, in the form of 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, SPDIF, DVB-T2 and Ethernet.

Switch to the default TV remote. Very light. This remote will not make you tired holding it. But it’s also so light, it has the potential to easily get lost or slip into the crevices of the sofa in your living room.

cnwintech realme smart tv 43 bring smart impressions in high resolution blaring sound 4

This remote control is equipped with three hotkeys for YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video so you can access them immediately with ease. You can also activate Google Assistant with a hotkey. Apart from hotkeys, to call the Google Assistant you can also press the quick button because this remote control is equipped with a microphone.

Review realme Smart TV – Screen Technology

In realme smartphone camera technology, we know the Chroma Boost feature that helps mobile users take the best pictures with just one click. The Chroma Boost feature has been used by more than 20 million realme smartphone users, and thanks to the positive response to the processing results of this feature, the Chroma Boost Picture Engine is again implemented in realme Smart TV. Its function is more or less the same, namely to improve the overall image quality while increasing brightness, color contrast, and clarity to produce indulgent visuals.

cnwintech realme smart tv 43 bring smart impressions in high resolution blaring sound 5

400+ nits ultra-high brightness makes the TV screen look clear even during the day. Colors also appear brighter thanks to the support of 16.7 million colors.

With a visual angle of up to 178°, even if you squint the content can still be seen clearly, perfect when many people watch TV together as a family.

realme Smart TV has 7 display modes: Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, Game, Energy Saving, User. You can select different modes when watching multimedia content to enjoy the best viewing experience.

Review realme Smart TV – Processor and Software Interface

This smart TV made by Realme is equipped with a chipset from Mediatek with 64-bit 4-core architecture, ARM Cortex A53 1.1 GHz, and GPU Mali 470 MP3. Thanks to the use of this chipset, Realme Smart TV also supports display decoding of HDR10 and HLG formats, which is rarely found on TVs at this price, and even on TVs with FHD resolutions like this.

Carrying RAM with a clock speed of 2133MHz, Realme Smart TV can display daily television programs stably, and guarantees good picture quality.

Realme Smart TV runs with the Android TV operating system and has also brought Chromecast into the system, so it can sync videos, movies and TV shows from your smartphone to the realme Smart TV screen.

cnwintech realme smart tv 43 bring smart impressions in high resolution blaring sound 6

Review realme Smart TV – Powerful Audio for Large Rooms

The problem we usually encounter with an LED flat-screen television is none other than the audio that is not kicking enough. Due to the design that does not allow, usually, manufacturers only provide small speakers or provide a soundbar solution that must be purchased separately.

In this case, Realme Smart TV can handle it smartly. Providing 4 speaker units, this TV manages to deliver a loud, clear, and quite a free sound. In total, this speaker’s power reaches 24W.

The 4 speaker units in question are two pairs of speakers placed under the Smart TV realme. Each pair consists of one full-range speaker and one tweeter. The size of each speaker pair reaches 183.3 x 46.8 x 45.2mm for a 43″ (108cm) TV and 120 x 47 x 42.5mm for 32″ (80cm). The total power of the four speakers reaches 24W, which is clearly more powerful than its competitors.

The edge of the Full-range speaker uses rubber and cone-shaped composite paper, the dynamic ring driven speaker structure design can fully expand the bass frequency, accentuating the sound naturally. The tweeter uses a silky layer and a piezoelectric drive design structure, it can fully expand from high frequencies. Use of a two-tone soundbox design to increase low-frequency potential. The two sets are positioned symmetrically to bring the sound from the left and right speakers more balanced but still natural.

Thanks to its advanced tweeters and full-range speakers, realme Smart TV can precisely reproduce sound from 148Hz to 20,000Hz, covering almost all frequencies that humans can hear. On the other hand, competitor smart TVs can only produce limited sound waves, from 228.1Hz to 11292.1Hz. realme Smart TV is prone to a wider frequency response and an absolute advantage in the low and high frequency bands.

Not only that, for this audio output, Realme Smart TV also carries Dolby Audio MS12B technology. This technology is believed to be able to produce a more attractive and lively sound, complete with the ability to produce surround sound.

Review realme Smart TV – Conclusion

realme Smart TV is an integrated smart ecosystem solution, to accommodate your non-stop entertainment needs at home. It is a portal to access all the shows that you enjoy in the office, on the road, and anywhere else, to then continue on to a big screen to be enjoyed alone or with other family members.

Bringing loudspeakers, also the possibility to be used as a screen when playing cellphone and console games, it also feel good if every home must have a smart TV like this. Especially in the midst of a pandemic and when children’s learning content must be accessed through online streaming applications, displaying it on the big screen in the family room might help them enjoy school at home even better. The price, normally this Smart TV realme is sold at USD 141,34 (32 inches) and USD 222,14 (43 inches).

realme sells realme Smart TV on realme.com and Lazada via Flash Sale on August 25, 2020, and will be available at realme Store and Erafone outlets starting August 26, 2020. Every purchase of realme Smart TV will get a 1-month free subscription to Vidio Premier Platinum until December 2020.

Check our store if you are interested to buy this realme Smart TV with great deals and other parts accessories there. You can also click the Shop Now button below to buy it on external vendors.

Score Assessment

Performance - 9
Facilities & Features - 9.5
Easiness - 9
Price - 8



Every home must have a smart TV like this. Especially in the midst of a pandemic and when children's learning content must be accessed through online streaming applications, displaying it on the big screen in the family room might help them enjoy school at home even better.Shop Now

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