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Word 2007 – How to Compare Two Documents

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Working with multiple documents and compare them often make you overwhelmed. In particular, about its layout. Is there a solution?

Tips you are working on applications of Word 2007 and want to compare two documents that are opened? Not only you, the writer and clerical workers were often made overwhelmed. Comparing the two documents and displays them simultaneously on one screen you can do with the help feature “Compare Side by Side” is in the Word 2007 application. Both documents will be displayed side by side (side-by-side). It is also made easier with the support of Synchronous Scrolling feature, namely its scroll can work simultaneously on both documents. However, no means no constraint. Sometimes, not all documents can be inspected in the vertical.

To overcome this, the layout of Word 2007 can be setup in such a way as to make comparisons both documents can be carried horizontally. How, first of all documents that will open both to check. You can then open the tab “View” then click “View Side by Side” at the “Windows”. By default, both documents will be displayed side by side on the screen. Back to the “Windows”, then click “Arrange All” and make sure the option “Synchronous Scrolling” is enabled.

If you work with two monitors, this feature will work even better. You can compare two documents with the view that more liberal.



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