Earphones Sennheiser IE 60 and IE 80 Give Musical Voice Professional Class

Again Sennheiser issued a new series of earphones for the category of “Professional”, the series of IE 60 and IE 80. Sennheiser is known as a leading audio specialists from Germany, has developed a series of models based on extensive experience in the professional music sector. With sound quality that is unmatched in its class, this earphone is aimed at music fans who want a higher quality than regular earphones.

IE 60 and IE 80 is an ideal solution for users who want to listen critically to music with good detail as possible. Ear canal using a dynamic transducer that can cover the entire frequency span with a single system. Therefore, resulting super minimal distortion, even at high sound pressure level. Noise was attenuated by the design and accessories adapter comprehensive ear, making the top-of-the-range model, IE 80, can reach up to 26 dB noise attenuation.

Both models can be used on PC monitor or laptop, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone and other portable devices such as mobile phones. Sennheiser IE 60 and IE 80 is already available in some Authorized Distributor Sennheiser in some countries since March 2012. For more information, yo can visit their website



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