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Take Care of Transcription and Records with Dictation for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies give customers help paying for medical bills and other costs when they cannot afford to pay those bills on their own. Auto, home, life and health are just a few of the different types of insurance available today. As an insurance provider, you can use dictation in a few different ways.

For Claims Management

When an individual needs to use his or her insurance, the person will file a claim with you. Depending on the size of your company, you might have thousands of customers and see dozens or hundreds of claims come across your desk every week. Keeping track of those records is often hard, but with insurance dictation, you can do your job more effectively. Dictation lets you speak information directly into a microphone attached to your computer. The software will then transcribe that information for you. You can also find software and programs that automatically turn certain medical phrases and terminology into the abbreviations used in the medical world, which can save you time.

Claims filed with your company may involve some legal proceedings. You may need to speak with trust lawyers about whether your company will cover medical and repair bills, or you may need to speak in a courtroom yourself. Dictation software and programs make it easy for you to record all the information spoken in that courtroom and keep a record of any other legal proceedings on your work computer.

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