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Tenda W309R Performance Review, Relying Great Antenna

tenda w309r performance review 2

Without equipped with many wasteful features, Tenda offers a wireless router performs well with a functional feature. Seeing its performance, Tenda W309R comes with a wireless router like the standard design in general. Front view minimalist look. Not much to see on the front part in addition to a row of small indicator lights.

While in the back, there is a row of RJ45 port. One port for WAN and four for the LAN. The entire port provided not yet supporting gigabit speeds. Maximum speed supported only 100 Mbps.

In addition, there are a button next to it. This button serves as a WPS button as well as a reset button. Briefly press the button to activate WPS. While pressing this button a bit longer will reset this router.

Wireless router has two external removable antennas. Tenda W309R Wireless router also has support 802.11n wireless connection. Theoretical maximum speed supported is up to 300 Mbps. Wireless router is also compatible with all commonly used encryption method, from WEP, WPA, and WPA2.

To perform the configuration, you can get access to the web control panel provided. When you get to the control panel, Tenda W309N will offer quick configuration to connect the wireless router to the Internet and wireless network encryption. However, if you prefer to do their own configuration manually, you can also go to the Advanced Settings menu with more advanced options.

In the Advanced Settings, you can do a lot of settings here. You can make arrangements on the wired network, wireless network, and the DHCP server. In addition, you can also make virtual server settings, access control, and bandwidth speeds are allowed. Indeed, not many other features available on the Tenda W309R. But, all the features that are available are quite optimal and able to meet the needs of most users.

In terms of performance, Tenda W309R wireless router actually has pretty well performance. We tried to find the throughput that can be generated by this device using Chariot and a wireless adapter that supports the 802.11n standard. As a result, Tenda W309R able to produce an average throughput of 58.959 Mbps. The resulting throughput also quite stable and responsive with an average response time of about 1.3 seconds.

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Tenda W309R is a wireless router with specs interesting. In terms of features, this wireless router is not too special. But the features offered enough. Performance was quite good with a decent level of stability.


standard802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
connectors1 x WAN 4x LAN 100 Mbps
Data transfer speedMaximum of 300 Mbps
featuresDHCP Server; WPS; Firewall; MAC Address Filter; Virtual LAN
completenessPower adapter; Cable RJ45; CD manual & User Guide
Price (range)*US$ 36
tenda w309r performance review 1 2

not bad
The throughput of this device is quite good.

tenda w309r performance review 2 2lengthy
Tenda W309R has two antennas that are very long.
tenda w309r performance review 3 2RJ45 port
Rows RJ45 port is in the back next to the wireless router WPS button.



  • good performance
  • large antennas
  • good coverage.


  • not yet supporting gigabit LAN
  • minimal proprietary features.
Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.75
 - Facilities: 4
 - Usage: 4
 - Price: 4
 - Total Score: 3.93

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