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UltraVNC Performance Review, an Application for Remote Desktop

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Tired of the back and forth to a computer colleagues are often error and asked for help to fix it? You better check first through your own computer using remote desktop application assistance. One of the remote desktop to try is UltraVNC (Virtual Network Computing).

UltraVNC can control and take over the desktop computers that are connected in a network or internet. Condition, our computer has been fitted with UltraVNC Server, while a computer that will access fitted with UltraVNC Viewer.

The application server and client provide configuration options that are complete and detailed. Many settings can be done, for example, whether the server can only monitor or can also be used to fully control the client computer.

However, for general users, the number of choices can cause a little confusion. Therefore, you must listen carefully to the existing functions. Fortunately, the configuration is provided which will automatically detect which computers have been connected.

Another feature offered UltraVNC quite diverse, such as file transfer, video drivers, viewer toolbar, Java viewer, so text chat. There is also some add-on that helps you make it easier to handle the most complex conditions of the connection though.

UltraVNC also supports up multiple views on one screen so you can provide a solution simultaneously. You can set the maximum number of screens that are about to be displayed according to choice. However, keep in mind that, the more they look, means the more weight your computer. So, insert the server computer’s ability to display multiple screens simultaneously.

UltraVNC can be a solution that allows you to solve problems on client computers without having to be on that computer. This application is suitable for admins who have to monitor the use of computers in bulk from a distance apart, such as offices, schools, or computer training.

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Type free
Installation Size 3.67 MB
Operating System Windows NT4/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Plus: Able to take over the functions of the client in full; supports multiple display monitors; full and detailed configuration options

Minus: The client computer must be fitted with viewer application; manual configuration is somewhat confusing

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