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Visual Product Configurators Are the Future of E-Commerce, 4 Valuable Advantages

E-Commerce visual product configurator: all you need to know and the benefits you will get.

Unlike the dull, text-based customizers commonly used by online stores, visual product configurators make consumers confident in their purchase decisions. This leads to happier customers and reduced returns.

People connect much more with visuals than simple descriptions and professional photos from a few angles. That’s why 3D visual product configuration is the future of e-commerce.

With 58% of Americans returning products purchased online, the need to boost sales and improve customer experience is evident. Whether you sell furniture, electronics, appliances, or service-based offerings such as insurance policies, travel packages, or gym memberships, it’s essential to help customers visualize the products they purchase, especially when the products are large, expensive, or complex and can be delivered to their home or office.

This is where eCommerce product configurators come into play. Visual product configurators are interactive visualization tools that allow buyers to select specific options that are compatible with the product(s) they are considering, including colors, features, sizes, and shapes. The configurators then give the buyer a digital image of the configured product(s).

360-Degree Mobility Using Visual Product Configurators

Businesses can provide a personalized and one-on-one experience by comprehensively understanding the customer through a 360-degree view. However, building this unified view is challenging because a customer’s data might be stored in multiple systems. For example, their data might be in a CRM system purchasing data in a legacy system, and purchase history on social media platforms.

Personalized Experience

Most people have had a sinking feeling of ordering something online only to receive it and realize that it didn’t live up to the pictures or description they saw before handing over their credit card number. Companies that must provide a clear picture of the product to their consumers run the risk of high return rates, which hurts the bottom line and can be a massive headache for customers and staff alike.

Visual product configurators can help eliminate this problem by providing consumers with an interactive digital version of the product they’re buying, functioning as a virtual sample. With 2D and 3D visual product configurations, shoppers can select and change product specifications like colors, shapes, and sizes. The product will be updated in real-time to show them what their customized purchase will look like before they finalize it, eliminating any doubts or uncertainties they may have.

With a 3D visual product configurator, consumers can even use an app on their smartphone to project a life-sized version of the table in their living room, enabling them to see how it will fit and interact with other furniture pieces before they make their final purchase. This will allow them to avoid needing a physical sample and build more excitement around their custom-made purchase. This type of experience will boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

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Reduced Return Rates

When consumers buy a customized product online, they are often worried about whether or not it will look exactly like what they’re expecting. This is a genuine concern since high return rates can hurt a company’s profitability.

To help reduce these returns, companies can deploy visual product configurators on their websites. Visual configurators allow customers to see what their product will look like, removing doubt about whether the finished product will live up to expectations. Unlike simple 2D visual product configurators, 3D product configurators can generate life-sized, realistic images on the fly that show what the customized product will look like from different angles.

For example, if a customer buys a coffee table, a 3D product configurator can show them what the table will look like in their living room before purchasing. This can help reassure shoppers that they’re making the right choice and will eliminate buyer remorse after their purchase.

In addition to reducing the number of returned products, visual product configurators can make it easier for consumers to get replacements and repairs. Providing consumers with this functionality allows them to feel confident about their purchases and makes them more likely to return for additional purchases. This creates a sense of loyalty that can help businesses maximize their revenue.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

An eCommerce company with poor product visualization tools can leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths. The inability to picture an item on their body or in their home can cause significant disappointment, ultimately leading to high return rates.

Fortunately, visual product configurators are helping to combat this problem for many brands. Visual product configurators are online tools allowing consumers to customize products based on their specifications. The software generates a virtual model of the product and displays it to the customer in real-time as they select different options. For example, a car configurator might display a 3D rendering of the vehicle as the user selects a paint color or additional features.

In addition to being a valuable tool for eCommerce shoppers, visual product configurators can also help companies streamline their order process. In turn, this can lead to a significant increase in overall customer satisfaction and reduce costly returns.

The best visual product configurators provide consumers with a detailed and interactive representation of the final product, eliminating the guesswork of ordering online. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that offer tailor-made or personalized products, like furniture, room layout planning services, and specialized equipment.

visual product configurators are the future of e-commerce
Visual Product Configurators in E-Commerce

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