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Beware of Four Signs PC|Laptop Already Infected by Virus

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Do not underestimate little suspicion on your notebook. If you find the notebook takes much longer when opening a programs/ ​applications, it is better immediately bought to the nearest service center to analyze and addressed more accurately.

One of the little suspicion above can be caused by many factors, can be due to viruses or notebook just need to upgrade from too many applications that are installed when starting up. The reason is the malware creators today getting smarter hiding their malicious activity in order to devouring your PC computing power silently.

Luckily, there are some “signs” that can help you to determine whether your notebook is infected with a virus or simply outdated. Hopefully some of the following signs may help you in determining the next steps on the notebook.

Pop Up Windows Attacks

Pop-up windows could be an indication of malicious software installed on your computer. Usually Windows pop up is a sign of adware or trojan clicker. Malware creators get money from every pop-up you hit. One or two pop up Windows may not be harmful, but you should be more careful when the pop up happening more and more often. The reason, some pop-up Windows contains malware which harmful to your PC’s.

Several setting on PC/Notebook changed immediately

You work regularly on the same PC, and even if you do not everyday to check setting, you are pretty sure know how to setting up your PC to your liking. So, when this setting suddenly changed without your authorization then you will feel something wrong, right? If this happens to you, it is likely your PC/Notebook has been infected. This sign is usually recognized when you click on an application but eventually leads to another application.

Notebook performance becomes slow

If your notebook has suddenly become slow when opening an applications/programs, it means there is a possibility of your notebook has been infected with viruses. Some code snippets are carefully programmed to go undetected, and their main goal is to steal part of the “muscles” from your PC computing to produce spam, spyware, and so forth. Not only due to the viruses, the slowing performance of your notebook system could also be due to software that has been installed which apparently takes a lot of CPU cycles.

Randomly connected to different websites

Another signs of your notebook infected by virus can be seen when you’re connected to some website randomly. This could be because you are using pirated software, download or opening attachments in spam folder, or it could be due to visiting different websites with cookies tracking. Malware creators usually exploit vulnerabilities in web browsers to inject small piece of code that can evolve into a virus.

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