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As what many experts recommend us to consider rugs for home decoration, the first thing you have to do is to find a good place where you can find wide range options of rugs to shop. You may find rugs in local market near your resident, but there you have been satisfied with few options available. Shopping rugs with very limited options available wouldn’t give you maximum decoration result to your home, as since that there you’ll be forced to choose between the available options even if you couldn’t find the one you exactly looking for.

The best thing you can do for maximum decoration result is to get into stores with wider Rugs collections to explore. And going online should be a great idea for you as since that there are tons of online rug stores available online where you can find much wider rug collections to shop, such as By this site, everything should go simpler for you to find and explore tons of both oriental and Persian rugs you can shop from wherever you are. These are high quality rugs being displayed here, and you can make it delivered to your address sooner.

What makes SuperiorRugs be really outstanding compared to other rug stores is the fact that SuperiorRugs is always able to offer people with the lower price. This is true that compared as if you purchased the items from other stores, there you camn save much of your money with the cheap pricing offered by SuperiorRugs. You can count on the site for high quality Cheap Rugs, which it means you shouldn’t risk your investment with low quality rugs along the way. And yes, purchasing well decorated and genuine Persian Area Rugs is just as simple as clicking your fingers. Just give the site a try and enjoy all the features as well as special discounts offered

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  1. ?I bought a rug from that turned out to be grossly misrepresented on the website. It was advertised as 100% wool having a density of 600,000 points per square meter with a 12mm pile. What I received was a rug of low quality made of synthetic polypropylene, with a density of half what was advertised and a very low pile of perhaps 5mm.
    This rug was one of 3 ordered at the same time and the remaining 2 were advertised to ship within 7 days. 2 weeks later when the order status on the site showed they still had not been shipped (my credit card was charged for them when the order was placed), I began sending emails to the contact address listed on the site, which promised a reply within 24 hours. Several days later I had received no response to my emails so I finally tried a phone call, which yielded the information that the 2 rugs were back ordered and would not be shipped to me for nearly another month. There was no apology and no explanation as to why I was not informed of the delay. And I was told the email address on the site is no longer correct. Again, no explanation as to why they have a useless email address listed as the best means to contact them.
    As for the misrepresented rug, the representative insisted there was nothing wrong with the description since it initially listed the rug as 100% Olefin and only later in the expanded description was it stated to be 100% wool with a 12mm pile, something he excused as a misprint. There was no apology for the misrepresentation, and no offer to allow me to return the rug for a refund, although the website prominently offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
    In summary:
    1. The item received was of much lower quality than advertised.
    2. Items advertised to ship within 7 days have not been shipped after more than a month.
    3. No attempt to communicate with me about the delay in shipping.
    4. No response to emails, when a response within 24 hours was promised.
    5. Questionable 30 day guarantee.
    I will not buy from this dealer again, and would not trust anything stated on the site.

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