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Choosing Louvers for Your Commercial Building

cnwintech - installing louvers in your building

Installing new louvers on the windows and exterior of your commercial building can help you cut down on energy bills and increase privacy too. Typically made from a metal like aluminum, these louvers come in different sizes and are available in custom sizes for more unique buildings. You can even pick a color that matches the look of your building. Whether you own an apartment building, an office space or a retail store, you can still rely on some basic tips when choosing the right louvers for that building.

Look at Weather Conditions

The first thing you want to think about is the climate and weather conditions that are prevalent in your area. Wind-driven rain louvers have a unique design that blocks out driving rain. These louvers have larger pieces of metal that sit at an angle on the front. That design keeps the wind from pushing rain through the metal and hitting the glass window panes. Extreme weather louvers are another great option. These are best suited for areas that suffer from tornadoes, hurricanes and other extreme weather condition.

Think About Noise

When you own an apartment building or an office complex where employees want more peace and quiet, you might consider acoustic louvers. Also known as soundproofing louvers, these are window elements that do a great job of blocking out the noises that you might otherwise hear from inside the building. Made from thicker metal pieces, these louvers still allow some natural light to stream inside the building but diffuse the noises that come from the street, nearby buildings and even other floors inside the same building. As with other extruded aluminum louvers, you can choose acoustic louvers in the size you need and the color you want.

Consider Other Factors

Other types of louvers are better suited for other types of buildings. For example, you might invest in penthouse louvers if you own an apartment complex with one or more penthouse apartments. These louvers have a modern and contemporary look that will match the upscale design of that apartment. You can also opt for adjustable louvers that you can move up or down to let in more light. Some building owners may prefer drainable louvers that let them drain off any excess water from the metal. Installing louvers on any commercial building can regulate the temperature inside and give residents or employees more privacy.

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