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How to Use WellSaid Avatars? These are 5 Easy Ways

Integrate WellSaid Avatars into existing platforms like voice talent.

5 ways How to Use WellSaid Avatars. This article will discuss how to integrate WellSaid Avatars into existing platforms, work with existing voice talent, and customize your voice avatars based on the talent you already have. The WellSaid avatars also come in a variety of familiar voices. Using voiceover technology, your customers will have a unique experience communicating with the WellSaid voice.

Work with existing voice talent

If you’re interested in using artificial intelligence to create new voices for your business, you should consider using WellSaid avatars. It provides an avatar-speaking tool that allows businesses to create a custom voice avatar from existing voice talent. This tool makes finding new voices for any project easy, from a corporate training video to an app experience.

There are 25 standard voice avatars, or “synthetic voices,” that WellSaid makes available for use in various settings. For example, if you’re using an existing voice talent to create your avatar, you can choose one of 25 standard voice avatars or make a custom one based on your recordings. In addition, the service can guide scripting, recording, and audio specs.

Create your voice avatars

Using AI Voices to create learning experiences is increasingly essential for businesses facing the shortage of human workers. Voice Avatars from WellSaid mimic real-life voice actors, making them an efficient and convenient alternative. Moreover, they don’t compromise quality for efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about retakes. And, with a few clicks, you can customize your voice. WellSaid has developed a curated marketplace of voice avatars for your needs, including a wide range of voice styles and spokesperson roles.

Its platform allows developers to create custom voices based on their scripts. The software also allows them to customize their voice, edit copy and change pausing as they see fit. In addition, WellSaid Labs’ platform will enable you to create your voice avatars, allowing your brand to add spoken content to your website or app without hiring a human actor.

Customize your voice avatars based on existing voice talent

While using voice avatars isn’t meant to replace real-life talent, it is a convenient way to leverage existing talent more efficiently. Voice avatars should not be confused with deep fakes, essentially synthetic media. Instead, these virtual voices are intentionally designed to tell a brand’s story. Before implementing voice avatars in your campaigns, ensure you obtain the proper approvals of your voice talent.

Using WellSaid technology, Five9’s team of experts chose a voice actor based on their vocal qualities and coached the actor to enhance the customer service traits that brands are looking for. Once the talent agrees to the project, WellSaid can create custom voice avatars based on the existing voice talent. This process can be done with just a few hours of recording. The WellSaid can offer guidance on scripting, recording, and audio specs.

Integrate WellSaid Avatars into existing platforms

It is now possible to integrate WellSaid Avatars into existing platforms and applications. It provides a range of custom voice avatars and will help you create branded content with your chosen voice. You can choose your agent, edit copy, and even change pauses. WellSaid also lets you share files, including scripts. For branded content, you can choose from various voice avatars.

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WellSaid uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create lifelike voiceovers. This voice avatar technology allows you to create custom voice files within four seconds and can be used across multiple projects. The platform is easy to use, and you can share project files with your team or other team members. In addition, you can integrate WellSaid Avatars into existing platforms using our API.

Cost of integrating WellSaid Avatars

The WellSaid Labs is a Seattle-based synthetic media company specializing in developing text-to-speech technology and artificially intelligent voiceovers. It is the result of a research project that began at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The company provides multiple voice recognition services and offers a user-friendly platform for creating custom voiceovers straight from scripts. The software also allows for collaboration with team members and offers several other features to help create a high-quality voiceover.

The cost of integrating depends on the integration process. WellSaid avatars can be used in multiple formats, including audio and video. A company can incorporate avatars in several ways, including audio files, websites, social media, etc. In addition, avatars can be created for branded content and voiced by a professional or a human.

how to use wellsaid avatars?
How to Use WellSaid Avatars?

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