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Phlebotomy Training And Certification

Every hospital, clinic and doctor’s office needs to conduct blood tests on a regular basis. Certified phlebotomists are in high demand in today’s era of superb medical care. These specialists are trained to properly collect and analyze blood samples from patients. The most experienced phlebotomists can successfully insert a needle into a patient’s veins or arteries with a single try. It takes a lot of knowledge to properly locate blood vessels that could be used to collect samples.

Phlebotomists need to complete a rigorous training program that’s usually offered in technical college and universities with medical divisions. Additionally, continuing education may be needed in order to renew any license. To receive a license in phlebotomy, individuals need to pass national exams with a minimum score that’s preset. Sometimes, the passing grade for a licensing exam may change. The exam and license renewal both come with fees that must be paid within a specific time frame. Otherwise, phlebotomists may lose their license if they fail to make payments on time. ASPT.org is an example of a national organization that offers certification and licensing for phlebotomists in the United States of America.

Phlebotomy training requires a significant amount of time in lab environments. Students learn how to properly analyze blood samples using traditional technology and modern digital equipment. Microscopes may still be used to look at slides of specific blood cells. Phlebotomists have the task of identifying any abnormalities in the blood cells of individuals that may have anemia or sickle cells.

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