The Reason for the Popularity of Proxy Servers

The Reason for the Popularity of Proxy Servers 1

Today, people from all walks of life are using proxy servers, and there are three main reasons for this: privacy, protection and speed.

What are proxy servers?

Simply put, a proxy server is a server that an Internet user signs into before surfing the Internet. Regardless of the particular website that a user arrives at, the connection is done through the proxy server instead of directly from their own Internet service provider.

The advantage of privacy

After signing into a proxy server, the identity of the web user is then masked by the proxy server. Anyone attempting to identify the Internet user will find that the identity is traced back to a proxy server, and they will not be able to identify who it is.

The advantage of protection

One of the biggest problems for people on the Internet is security. Hackers can get through many defenses of a personal computer, but they often find it more difficult to penetrate the walls of a proxy server. This type of protection is especially attractive to those that share local area networks when surfing the Internet because they are more vulnerable

The advantage of speed

Depending upon the type of Internet connection a user has, going through a proxy server can mean an increase in speed when surfing the Internet.

Both businesses and individuals can take advantage of a proxy server. This service can be found online. These companies can be contacted by email or with one click on their contact forms. Proxy Solutions is one example of this type of company.

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