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The Social Media Business Potentials

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As the Internet continues to shape society, social media has become an integral part of communication. From uploaded photos of favorite restaurant meals to location updates, social media creates a new platform for business marketing and customer connection. By returning to school for official coursework in social media, you’ll be ready to apply for new careers that harness the power of “likes,” “follows” and “shares.”

Marketing Potential

Social media education provides you with the tools to market a business effectively. Create a Facebook business page, Google + account or Twitter feed for the company. Familiarity breeds loyal customers. If you create a small social media department solely dedicated to updating these community websites, you’ll see marketing at its best. There are no expensive billboards or flyers to pass out. Engage customers with daily posts that keep them thinking about your company’s products.

Psychology At Work

You’ll find that your social media education takes a few lessons from psychology. Offering coupons and discounts only available on social media outlets makes customers feel special with the limited deals. They’ll begin to actively search out your company for future discounts, telling their colleagues about the special deals. When items or discounts are limited and only advertised to a few people, the word spreads quickly. More followers line up on these websites, giving your company hundreds of more customers.

Integrating Mobile Applications

Your social media education will cover the major differences between company websites and mobile websites. Bring this information to your employer to see your promotion prospects rise. Customers confounded by slow-loading websites on their smartphones are apt to move on to a different site. You can go over mobile website simplicity, such as only a menu and store finder for a restaurant. A company’s image is dominated by their integration of both mobile and traditional website designs.

Metrics Analyzed

A Master’s Degree in Social Media gives you the knowledge to analyze metrics and data. Each website generates charts showing visitor quantities, time on site and other critical customer data. With the right education, you can increase these numbers with slight website alterations, such as moving a “click here” button or changing the background color.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration gets you far, but by furthering your education with an advanced degree, such as UF’s Masters in Social Media, shows employers you’re ready for the future. They’ll know you have the skills to bring a business into new frontiers with viable marketing and branding that reaches both young and old.

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