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Razer Zephyr Review, The No.1 Super Cool Design Electric Mask

Mask with adequate protection 99% BFE rating, COVID-19 ready.

Story Highlights
  • Main Features:
  • N95 Grade Filters With Two-Way Protection
  • Air Exchange Chambers With Two-Speed Dual Intake Fans
  • Soft Silicone Face Seal And Dual Strap Design
  • Transparent Design With Anti-Fog Coating
  • Interior Lights with RAZER CHROMA™ RGB

The Razer Zephyr Review electric mask, which was released as “Project Hazel” at CES 2021 at the start of the year, forming community and iterative beta testing, will be officially released at Razer Con 2021 opening in the United States in October 2021. This product is a “Wearable Air Purifier”, which is a wearable air purifier that breathes air purified with a filter and an electric fan.

The product consists of a transparent shield, a silicone face seal, an electric fan, and a high-performance filter, and the illumination is as clear as a Razer.

The body design is transparent plastic and silicone material, Intake and exhaust system with electric fan

The Zephyr body is a hard, transparent plastic with a soft deformable silicone pad on the inside that touches the face. There is a circular elastic band on the back of the body and a silicone pad, which is also attached to the back of the head.

The air is sucked in by the electric fan through the N95 respirator and fed into the mask. The filter performance is “99% BFE”, which stands for BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency), which is the rate of removal of particles containing 3μ bacteria. This means that 99% did not pass.

The exhaust comes from under the mouth, and there’s also an N95 filter here, which is a mechanism that doesn’t expel bacteria or bacteria outside. The filter can be used for 3 days, and the price for 30 days (10 sets) is around USD 30, so it costs USD 1 per day.

Of course, the fan can be turned off, but the number of revolutions can be changed between 4200 RPM and 6200 RPM, and can be changed with a switch on the main unit or a smartphone app. Illumination comes from the familiar Razer Chroma, which is mounted around and inside the left and right fans.

Of course, you can change the color and how to change it with the smartphone app, and you can set it like leaving it on with your favorite color or changing the color incrementally.

Filter attached with magnet, Lasts for 8 hours on a full charge

To use it, first remove the cover of both fans and the air supply/exhaust holes under the mouth. It’s a type of magnet, so just take it off. Put the N95 filter in there and put the cover on.

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Charging is from the type C connector on the bottom of the main unit, and an AC adapter is not included, but a type C cable is included, so you can plug it in. When charging starts, the LED inside glows red, and when it turns green, it is fully charged. The manual says that charging will take up to 3 hours to complete.

There is only one switch at the bottom of the fan on the left, which activates when pressed for 2 seconds and the fan spins. Press and hold to turn off the power, and click to change the fan speed. The maximum battery life is 8 hours, and it seems to change depending on the fan speed.

There are special apps for smartphones (Android or iPhone), so if you have them installed and connected by Bluetooth, you can also control them from your smartphone. The battery level is also shown in %, and as mentioned above, you can adjust the lighting to your liking, so this is the app you’ll want to share.

Despite the short time, I tried the actual machine. First, it feels good to wear. The silicone pad is quite soft and fits snugly on the face. The actual weight is 204 grams, and in this test case, the tester’s face was large, so the left and right parts of the main body were touching the cheeks, but being flat, it didn’t bother me much.

The fan inhales forcefully, so there is no suffocation, and it is true that intake and exhaust can be carried out without a hitch. On the other hand, when the fan is stopped, there is a feeling of resistance, so you can see that it is properly made and airtight.

The front is obviously due to communication in Europe and the United States (such as emotional expression). Your voice is slightly muffled, but you don’t have to make it loud.

As a tester of this tool, I wanted a Playfulness experience on Razer, like the built-in microphone and speakers to make the sound louder, or Darth Vader’s voice.


It costs US$ 99.99 for the main body and its 3 filter sets, US$ 29.99 for the filter pack (10 sets for 30 days), and the combination of the main body filter and filter pack 3. The starter pack (99 days) is US$ 149.99 and released on 21 October at Razer.com in the United States.

There is an explanation in Japanese on the outer box and manual, so it will probably be released in Japan as well. I have high hopes.

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Score Assessment

Performance - 8.7
Facilities & Features - 9
Easiness - 8.5
Price - 7.5



The product consists of a transparent shield, a silicone face seal, an electric fan, and a high-performance filter, and the illumination is as clear as a Razer. There are no support for built-in microphone and speakers to make the sound louder.

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