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Easy 3 Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor, Useful and Functional

Container box equipment that you require for proper livestock exhibition.

3 Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor. When exhibiting livestock at a 4-H or open show, one of the essential things to pack is the tack box. This box will hold all of your grooming and show supplies. Regardless of the type of animal, you’re showing, you’re going to need a container of some sort to hold the shampoo, brushes, halters, leads, and trimming equipment required for proper exhibition. You can either build your own tack box, repurpose a similar container or purchase a ready-made box.

Building Your Own Tack Box – Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor #1

Many exhibitors build their own tack boxes out of wood. Any type of wood will work as long as you paint or seal it to protect it from aging and the elements. Consult with your local hardware store to choose materials that can support the weight of the box’s contents. Once you’ve established the capacity you’ll need, choose the lightest weight material available for ease of transport. Attach at least two handles to assist with lifting and carrying the box and utilize swivel casters for ease of maneuverability down barn aisles. 

Repurpose a Container – Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor #2

If you don’t want to start from scratch, look for an old truck or wood box and make it your own. You may find such containers at garage sales or auctions. You can use paint or stain to refresh the look of the container and add personal touches such as your family or farm name. Again, attaching handles and casters is recommended for ease of transport. Remember to take into consideration the weight of your contents and if you have an extra heavy load, consider utilizing two boxes to keep the weight manageable.

Purchase a Ready-Made Box – Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor #3

Most farm stores and livestock supply catalogs will have an offering of ready-made tack boxes. Often these are manufactured from lightweight aluminum and feature customization options. Nothing beats the ease of simply ordering your box and waiting for its arrival, but you will certainly pay for the convenience. However, if you’re just beginning your livestock showing journey and plan to utilize the box for many years to come, the investment may be well worth it.

Conclusion – Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor

When planning for a livestock show, be sure to take into consideration the best way for you to transport your supplies. Utilizing a tack box can save you from making multiple trips from vehicle to barn and minimize the chance of misplacing necessary items. Whether you start from scratch to make your tack box, repurpose a yard sale find or purchase it from a supplier, this handy tool will prove incredibly valuable to you as a livestock exhibitor.

easy tack box options for a livestock exhibitor
Tack Box Options for a Livestock Exhibitor

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