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Applications Battle and Fraud in the App Store

cnwintech battle app fraud in app store

Consumers who transact in the App Store must be careful in using his personal account. Information from The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek revealed any cases of fraud and the use of user accounts when conducting transactions on the App Store.

Information from The New York Times revealed the presence of the hijacked accounts from consumers through fake applications that are advertised. Creator applications have to deal with the fraud that drains time and resources in dealing with this problem.

The application developer also complained about the pressure they will get to compete with other applications on the App Store. Even the developers to apply brutal in offering top positions on the App Store in order to attract consumers and gain popularity.

It is unclear how the fraudsters can get customer accounts both iTunes password and credit card information. In the Chinese online market place even a few sales for account access iTunes at a cost of about $33 to $35 to get 56 iTunes account.

cnwintech battle app fraud in app store itunes gift cards

There is also a fraud through the iTunes gift card codes, in which consumers can use a prepaid Visa card to make purchases for free apps in the App Store.

Apple presents a new way of doing business in the App Store which has covered about 600,000 applications. Apple gets a lot of criticism from the developers of applications that require a long time to get the approval of their applications that have been submitted, indeed, they often gain an arbitrary rejection.

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Popular positions in the App Store developers are promising. There is 63 percent that is downloaded when the application is in a position popular in the App Store. Nielsen market research also revealed that there were 100,000 applications that are downloaded every day. This is certainly not the least promising of income to the application developers.

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