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Logitech M905, Wireless Mouse with DARKFIELD technology

cnwintech logic pack
The mouse that can moves in any kind surface? Logitech wants you to do so. Recently Logitech released a unique Wireless Logitech Mouse M905 which has the ability to move on anything surface. What is its uniqueness that will be discussed in this preview?
cnwintech logiccal
In terms of appearance, Wireless Mouse is almost entirely black with an iron metal panel on the part of his scroll.
cnwintech logic batt
One of the most uniqueness prominent in Wireless Mouse is a resource that can use only one or two AAA batteries. Thus, this mouse can be used even if only a single battery mounted on this Wireless Mouse.
cnwintech logic font
The second uniqueness can be found on this Wireless Mouse is the scroll wheel which can be set, you can set the scroll wheel according to your taste.
cnwintech logic back
On/off switcher button “darkfield” located at the bottom also serves as a cover to protect the sensor tracking on this Wireless Mouse.
cnwintech logic receiver
This mouse uses an interface receiver that is very small that can be placed on the rear mouse.
cnwintech logic macro
Logitech M905 also contained a pair of buttons that can be used to navigate when opening the web.
cnwintech logic bag
Logitech Not forgetting to complete Wireless Mouse with a pouch for easy to carry anywhere.
cnwintech logic guide
User Quick Start Guide is also provided on their package prepared for users.

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