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5 Main Causes and How to Overcome Flashdisk Unreadable on PC

How to Overcome Flashdisk Unreadable, Who does not know this little object full of benefits? Of course, almost everyone has it and uses it. Flashdisk is very useful for storing data and temporary files, sometimes we also use a flash drive as a place to back up important files from a PC.

However, sometimes there are times when your flash disk will experience a little damage resulting in an unreadable flash on a PC or laptop. This problem is very much experienced by IT workers and school children who use flash disks almost every day.

Of course, these problems will be very worrying for you especially if there are a lot of important data stored in the flash. You do not need to worry because there are various ways to overcome the problem of a flash that cannot be read on a PC.

Before knowing how to deal with an unreadable Flashdisk on a PC, you must first know the cause of this happening. Problems that cause the flash is not readable on a PC have the opposite technique to overcome it because the problem is certainly different. Unreadable flash can be caused by indeed damage to the flash and can also be due to problems with your PC.

To find out this you can check by connecting the flash drive on a PC or another computer or by connecting another flash drive on your PC. From there you can find out the exact location of the problem found on your flash or PC.

The Main Cause of Flashdisk is unreadable on a PC:

  1. Physical damage due to the strong pressure that makes it damaged on the inside.
  2. Unplug the flash without ejecting / removable first.
  3. The USB plug tray is dirty or damaged
  4. Problem with PC USB driver
  5. Flashdisk affected by a virus
  6. Flashdisk that you use is low quality.

How to Overcome Flashdisk Unreadable

How to resolve Flashdisk Unreadable due to USB Driver problems

cnwintech main causes and how to overcome flashdisk unreadable on pc 2

If you have tried to connect the flash drive to another PC and it can be read then there is a possibility of damage to your USB Driver. If the USB you connect can be connected but the data cannot be read by a computer then you can check it through the step that is open the Device Manager on the PC. If you want to be younger then write the keyword “Device Manager” in the search field then open the program. Then click on “Universal Serial Bus Controller”, then click “Scan For Hardware Changes” at the top.

If you have done both ways you should have your flash disk readable on a PC. But if it’s still unreadable, there might be damage to components inside the port. Or there could also be damage to the connection cable.

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Check Flashdisk using Features in Windows

cnwintech main causes and how to overcome flashdisk unreadable on pc 3

Windows comes with features for scanning flash. This feature can be used to overcome the flash drive that does have damage. If it indicates that there is damage, Windows will automatically repair your flash drive. Problems that cause unreadable flash disk one of which is a flash disk with a virus. Therefore do the following way to scan your flash disk from the virus.

  1. Connect the flash to the USB port on the PC
  2. Right-click on the Windows icon and then select Disk Management.
  3. Then choose your flash disk. At this stage, the disk on your flash disk will be at (E) then right-click on (E)
  4. After that, choose properties and then a new Windows will appear
  5. Continue to click on tools and choose the feature that is “Check.
  6. And in the last stage, you can simply click scan and repair drive then wait for some time until the scanning process is complete.
  7. When done, check by unplugging the flash disk and then plugging it back in the USB port.

Flashdisk format using CMD

cnwintech main causes and how to overcome flashdisk unreadable on pc 4

If you start to get confused because you have tried both ways above but the flash is not readable then do how to resolve the next unreadable flash by removing or formatting your flash.

This method can be done if you already have a backup of important data elsewhere, namely a PC or an external hard drive. Then how do I format the flash if the flash is not readable on a PC? This is very easy, you can use the CMD feature from Windows to format your flash disk. Here are the steps:

  1. Connect the flash drive to the USB port on your PC.
  2. Click Windows and type CMD, a Windows CMD will appear
  3. Then, write FORMAT F:/FS:FAT on the CMD. The F in the format command indicates the drive location of your flash drive, so you can adjust the F code to the location of your flash drive respectively. The location referred to here is the local disk location D, E, F, G, and so on.
  4. Then click enter and automatically the flash will be formatted by windows.
  5. To check it then you can first inject your flash disk and connect it again, if the formatting process is successful then your flash disk can be read by a PC but your files and data are clean because it’s formatted automatically.

Format Flashdisk via Disk Management

how to overcome flashdisk unreadable

Deleting entire data or formatting data on a flash is very extreme, but this can be the best solution if your flashdisk is unreadable due to a virus. Besides through CMD you can also format a flash with Disk Management, here are the steps:

  1. Connect the flash to your PC
  2. Click the Windows menu and type MSC in the search field. The compmgmt program window will automatically appear.
  3. Find and click the Disk Management menu.
  4. Then you will see a Disk Management window page with information about partitions on your PC that also include your flash disk.
  5. The next step is to choose the part of your flash disk partition. This step should really pay attention to you, choose the appropriate flash disk location not to be confused with the location of the hard drive. Because if you choose the location of the hard drive will result in your hard drive being formatted automatically.
  6. After you select it, then right-click and choose the format.
  7. Wait until the data format process is complete.

The following was How to Overcome Flashdisk Unreadable on a PC that you can do. You need to remember, always do backup data in several places other than on the flash, you can backup your data on an internal hard drive or to another flash.

This aims to minimize if problems occur on your flash disk. Of course, do the above steps from beginning to end, try not to first do the process of formatting the contents of the flash if the data in the flash can still be saved. In addition to increasing the security of the data you have, be diligent to do a virus scan on your laptop or flash, especially if your flash drive has previously been connected to a PC that is not yours.


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