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Deciding on a fence for your Iowa property

A neglected fence and a gate hanging off its hinges detract from the appearance of a home. Iowa home insurance is your second line of defense against burglary and break-ins, but a powerful, attractive fence adds to the curb appeal for a home as well as enhancing its security.

A fence marks the boundary between public space and what architects call the defensible space around your home. A low fence might not come across as if it offers much resistance but they can act like a psychological barrier that puts off possible intruders. A more robust fence and a locked gate may be a powerful deterrent to potential intruders, sending a strong message about the types of security devices they may stumble upon if they got into your lawn.

To enhance the appearance of your property, a fence should correspond with the design of the house and other properties in your neighborhood. Local planning laws might regulate matters such as the style and height of fences and materials used to build them. Talk to local authority planners before you invest in fencing materials.

Improving your home’s security by erecting a fence, a lockable gate and other protective devices may qualify you for credits that reduce Iowa home insurance premiums. Don’t forget to tell your agent or insurer and claim protective device credits if you decide to have a new fence built.

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