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The Oil Drilling Process Explained

Oil Drilling Technology

Drilling for oil is a complicated process involving multiple steps. These include careful planning and intricate engineered parts. Those who are inexperienced in the oil drilling industry should find mentors in those who are veterans to avoid making costly and damaging mistakes. Understanding the process is vital before any action is taken. Here is an explanation of the oil drilling process.

Select and Create

Choose a site. While this may sound simple, it involves surveying and using complex technology such as seismic imaging. The best site may not be on land, so you need further tools and processes to look for oil deposits offshore. Once you have located a spot with which you are satisfied, you must create a project proposal to interest investors.

Hire and Prep a Crew

When you are putting your crew together, choose people with a wide array of necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Geologists
  • Ecological experts
  • Attorneys
  • Roughnecks experienced in the hard labor of oil drilling

You also need engineers experienced in drill string design services. All equipment must be able to stand up to temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Make sure you have completed and submitted all necessary forms and paperwork. You want your project to be legal. Part of this process is setting up safety standards and obtaining the necessary equipment to maintain them.

Preliminary Drilling

Once you have legalities in place and have set up equipment, prepare the site with focused digging. Initial soil removal helps the bit and equipment last longer. It is then time for test drilling. It should be vertical or angled rather than horizontal. When you confirm oil is present, insert tubing and drill strings and cover the site with a pump.

Looking for Black Gold

Oil is a valuable commodity, and finding it is a complicated process. You need a good plan and an experienced crew to give your project a chance at success. The right equipment and solid know-how can help you find and extract what is sometimes called black gold.

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