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3 Ways How to Add Livable Space to a Home, the Most Effective Ways

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How to Add Livable Space to a Home. The need for extra space in a home can occur for many reasons. A growing family may need room for more children or aging parents, or someone could need a workspace for a home business or hobby. Additions, finishing an unused area, or enclosing an outdoor space can be great ways to add more livable areas.

How to Add Livable Space to a Home

1. Additions

If every last inch of space in a home is already being used in some way, then room additions Temecula may be the right solution. There are plenty of ways to add on to a home, including adding a room to the side of a home, investing in an additional story, or building over a garage. If done right, an addition can add not only space but the resale value to a home.

2. Finish an Attic or Basement

Finding more space in the home may involve utilizing the existing areas more efficiently. Finishing an attic or basement can be a fantastic way to increase the livable space, the resale value of the home and customize an area to work exactly as needed. If that is not possible, then another option that is gaining popularity is a finished garage, especially if it is attached to the home.

3. Enclose Porches or Patios

Many people enjoy relaxing outdoors on a patio when the weather is fine. However, enclosing a porch or patio can make it useful all year long. While it may take some work to turn the space into an extension of the interior of the home, an enclosed porch or patio can make a wonderful bedroom, sunroom, or office.

While creating extra space in an existing home is not free, it can be worth it if the people living there get full use of the extra space. With some creativity, it is possible to convert or add a room to a home that is the perfect fit.

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