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Great 2 Modification of Oil Lines: Plug & Perforation Services

An overview and step by step to setting up perforation services in oil lines modification.

The Plug & Perforation Services – Modification of Oil Lines. Oil lines involve far more than just drilling down vertically to access oil reserves. Modern resource harvesting involves a multi-stage connection of vertical as well as horizontal drilling, most commonly accomplished through fracturing. Applying a sequential approach, the flat phase happens after access is established, opening the door for branching out and tapping into reserves adjacent to a primary reservoir.

Step-By-Step Setup and Process Modification of Oil Lines

With the networked lines in place horizontally, perforation equipment is run through the network to the end point or “toe” of the horizontal well. At this location, the line is perforated and via the holes, the local resource fluids can penetrate into the tube via pressure and be harvested. In the meantime, the next stage is already in place, anticipating the need for the fracturing plug that needs to be applied later after each perforation cycle. When the perforating tools are in place, the plug is also set in the same line, with all of the equipment placed and sensed with electronic monitors in the same channel.

The process of setting, staging, plugging, and perforating as well as post-action happens repeatedly. Ultimately, each stage is perforated and then eventually needs to be plugged to set for the next section’s perforation. All zones are treated and tapped until the line is completed, then the equipment and plugs are removed. The final step involves drilling out the section plugs so the line can start running the harvesting of the localized fluids. In some cases, dissolvable plugs are used, which then avoid the need for a total drill out of the line.

Expanding the Reach of Mineral Harvesting

Plug & Perforation needs are common in oil field pockets that want to realize the full benefits of horizontal oil field harvesting. Even existing oil fields long dried up from vertical harvesting have the potential for pockets not tapped into but can be accessed with horizontal drilling. The success rate, however, depends on bringing the right skill set and equipment to the job.

Again, because of the nature of the process described above, know-how and quality equipment make a big difference, at least according to Casper plug & perforation experts Renegade Wireline Service. The last thing anyone wants is a substandard plug or equipment failure in the middle of a line that ends up having to be drilled or dug out to save the project.

With each new approach to harvesting, a market disruption happens, allowing further harvesting and efficiencies to come into play in mineral production. This contributes not just to increased production, but a better collection of resources from the same locations versus having to impact new untouched regions, triggering tremendous cost input, regional impacts, and preparation.

modification of oil lines: plug & perforation services

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