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Motherboard with Socket LM1 ASUS F1A75 and Biostar TA75A+

semp 2

In recent years, AMD has launched a new motherboard based on FM1 socket. This article about the ASUS F1A75  series and BIOSTAR TA75A + series that will be the topic discussion this time.

Motherboard AMD Socket FM1 is specially designed to optimize the performance of the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD Llano has special overclocking capabilities with APU multipurpose, and variety of integrated graphics that are embedded on both motherboard.

sata slot

Both motherboards use the same Solid Capacitor which has a very long life cycle and has a high stability resistance against the motherboard.

Both Biostar TA75A+ and ASUS F1A75 are equipped with 6 SATA III slots 6Gbps speed that will provide high data bandwidth. Because the data transfer with super speed, SATA III can transfer data two times faster than 3G SATA.

asus bio

ASUS F1A75 Motherboards are designed exclusively for some parts such as heatsinks are designed with shapes like waves of water while on a Biostar TA75A+ is designed only with a box shape.

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The new series also equipped with the latest technology and features from ASUS, like Dual Intelligent Processors 2 (DIP2) with DIGI+ VRM to control the power more precision, UEFI BIOS with graphical interface and control using a mouse, and the auto-tuning for better performance and easy.


ASUS F1A75 designed with DIGI + VRM exclusive technologies and the most intuitive BIOS UEFI. The F1A75-V EVO motherboard is the first FM1 socket in the world that supports dual PCI-Express x8/x8 for AMD CrossFireX technology.


  1. Will a bad cap on a six year old motherboard cause sata errors, freezes, drive errors?
    I have a GA-M57SLI-S4 Gigabyte board that has started acting up. I noticed that a cap is leaking on top. If I leave sata slots 4,5,6 unsed it seems to be stable, as soon as I hook up my drives to those ports it acts up. Can the cap be replaced, or is it time for a new board? if new board how do I find the same board since it is so old.

    1. about your question: Can the cap be replaced, or is it time for a new board?
      I’m sorry, what do you mean about cap? did you mean CAPacitors? if yes, a capacitors cannot be replaced on board, if you feel some problems rising caused by your board capacitor, then you should buy new board.

      Gigabyte claims that their board support solid capacitor up to 50000 hours lifespan, but you can make sure to check out what problem causing this, you can check your SATA cable, SATA port, even try to reset BIOS. :)

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