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NetApp’s Guide For Choosing The Right Cloud Service Provider

Guide Netapp For Cloud
NetApp provides some guidance in choosing IT-as-a-Service that can help alleviate challenges faced by companies, following the growth and enabling for faster business innovation. Guidelines in terms of cloud computing are also able to move IT from a large capital expenditure into operational expenditure which controlled, that’s why choosing the right cloud service provider becomes important.

The first thing to understand is the reason why the company decided to outsource some or all IT operations. Basically, business is always changing, and companies need to find new ways to be able to accommodate quickly and easily without disrupting business. Cloud promises the flexibility of cost efficiency as well.

Furthermore, companies also need to ensure that providers of cloud services which will be used has to make good choices behind the IT infrastructure. Obtain assurance from service providers that offer cloud services which can meet your business needs is not enough. How cloud service providers to design and build the infrastructure and services also become important for success of business users.

In the end, there are five things that must be provided by cloud service providers for support the success of any business:

  1. Cloud service providers should be able to make business users to become more flexible, able to accelerate the market penetration and does not slow down business processes.
  2. Cloud service providers should be able to provide nonstop access to corporate data and applications users.
  3. The incident may have occurred and the company needs to recover its data. Make sure the cloud service providers plan to ensure that corporate data is protected.
  4. Cloud service providers should be able to offer its services at an affordable price.
  5. One way for reduce costs is to share between the customers IT infrastructure. This means service providers must be able to provide cloud services with the best security without sacrificing efficiency.

The cloud service providers understand that their ability for offer IT-as-a-Service with cost effective requires dynamic and flexible architecture fundamentally. Architecture can reduce costs over time and to scale up or scale down to meet business needs.

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