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Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Your Android Tablet and Smartphone Devices, 4 Critical Points to Consider

Useful essential tips for choosing an Android tablet and smartphone devices manufacturer.

If you have not given your preferred brand any thought, choosing an Android tablet and smartphone devices manufacturer is a significant decision. There are various things to consider, including cost, features, technology, and experience. Choosing the proper manufacturer for your Android devices and smartphones can be essential.

It can significantly impact product quality, cost, time to market, and more. Validated or enhanced commercial devices can ensure compatibility with your use case and minimize risks to your product roadmap. Learning more about validation and manufacturing processes can head off issues later on.

How to Choosing an Android Tablet and Smartphone Devices Manufacturer


Choosing the proper hardware for your Android tablet and smartphone devices is critical to your deployment success. The appropriate hardware reflects your company’s business needs and can transform your budget to value by optimizing performance and features for the cost. Purchasing commercial devices that are not validated or purpose-built can be a risk to your product roadmap, particularly regarding long-term support and ease of OS updates.

It can also impact your ability to manage and control the device throughout its lifecycle, including remote over-the-air (OTA) updates. The proper hardware selection starts with a solid understanding of your use case and partnering with experts to define the requirements for the entire deployment. Getting expert guidance from the beginning can help you identify potential risks, streamline your hardware search to optimize for your business needs, and ensure that all key considerations are addressed.


Custom Android Tablet and smartphone devices are unique products to meet your business needs. Consumer brands release new products yearly to satisfy the latest technology demands of a discerning general market. In contrast, your business isn’t like a typical retail customer, and you need a device that delivers a distinct value to your end users.

The proper Android tablet and smartphone manufacturer can help you create a product that reflects your business goals and requirements. The hardware selection phase for any single-use (COSU) Android deployment should include expert assistance in defining use case requirements and optimizing features, processing, storage, and more. Vague requirements can lead to many issues, from unforeseen costs to ineffective or insecure device functionality.


Android is the most popular mobile operating system for smart devices. It’s a highly customizable platform that lets users choose their apps and features and customize their device experience, appearance, performance, and more. Most custom Android tablet and smartphone devices are based on the open-source AOSP project, which Google maintains. Its open-source license allows OEMs to modify the foundation and source code.


Security is an essential aspect of custom Android tablet and smartphone devices. You want to ensure that the manufacturer takes all the necessary steps to ensure your devices are secure and safe.

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Thankfully, there are many security options that Android has built into its OS to protect you from unwanted intrusions. Some are activated by default, and others are less obvious but equally deserving of your attention. Enabling full disk encryption is one of the best ways to safeguard your data. This will prevent anyone from accessing your files directly on the phone and can help prevent malware attacks. Another critical step to take is to update devices whenever prompted. Vendors are constantly releasing updates that fix vulnerabilities in their software.

choosing the right manufacturer for your android tablet and smartphone devices

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