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Samsung SE-406AB Performance Review, There is a Multimedia Player Function

samsung se 406ab review there is a multimedia player function

Not only can be used as a device to read and write on a computer, but this device can also function as a multimedia player when connected to a television. If you was not requiring the existence of Bluray recorder but want to access a variety of media-based format, you can choose a Bluray Combo optical devices. With this device, you can do the reading and recording data to CDs and DVDs. And if you need a device that can be carried and installed anywhere via a USB connection, you can choose Samsung SE-406AB.

SE-406AB only use the USB port so no longer use a portable device like an additional adapter. Its own USB cable forked, where one branch serves as an additional power supply. The goal is to obtain greater power to achieve the stability of the read and write. It is recommended to plug the two branches of this cable if you want to make the process of writing on DVD. The second branch of this cable should also be installed or if the device is having difficulties when playing a piece that is somewhat difficult to read.

Not only that, the Samsung SE-406AB also not only be connected to any computer (PC or laptop), but also to a television set that has a USB port. Later, SE-406AB player like this can work. Users can watch movies from CD, DVD, and Bluray directly.

When connected to a television, you can also browse the content of CD/DVD that is used. To explore, you just use your TV remote control. During experiment, we managed to play some video formats from CD and DVD smoothly. But specifically to play Bluray, SE-406AB could say a bit “picky”. The device is somewhat difficult to recognize Bluray our recordings. This Bluray is not detected at all. But once we trying Bluray movies, this device is able to work well. Meanwhile, when connected to a computer, all kinds of media can be recognized properly.

In terms of speed, you could say quite ordinary performance of these devices. If you are more concerned with the recording, within a few seconds and minutes with another device when recording data will not be a big problem. Based on the statistical records, the reading on CD, DVD, and Bluray looks quite stable and reach a maximum speed in accordance with the specifications.

Samsung SE-406AB offer multimedia player functions when connected to a television set. This is an added value in addition to standard functions. Performance itself is sufficient to meet all the needs of the recording/reading CD/DVD/Bluray.

Write speed test results (Nero

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pieces speed time
CD-R (685 MB) 24x 5 minutes 8 seconds
DVD +R (4.3 GB) 8x 10 minutes 46 seconds
DVD +R DL (7.9 GB) 6x 26 minutes 7 seconds

Literacy test results (Nero DiscSpeed 4):

Pieces Average Start End
CD-R 18.67 x 10.88 x 24.80 x
DVD +R 6.00 x 3.41 x 7.98 x
DVD +R DL 4.65 x 2.63 x 6.16 x
BD-R 4.50 x 2.55 x 5.78 x


interface USB2.0
write speed

read speed
6x max
8x max
5x max
max 24x
buffer Size 2 MB
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7
position horizontal
Dimensions (lwh) 14,1 x 2,1 x 16,1 cm
weight 340 grams
guarantee 1 year
web site https://www.samsungodd.com/
Price range* $139
samsung se 406ab review there is a multimedia player function 1 

Read BD-R
Via a stable reading of the graph, we can see that the maximum read speed of this device is 5.78 x. This achievement is quite close to manufacturer’s specifications mentioned at 6x.

samsung se 406ab review there is a multimedia player function 2 

initial firmware
Referring to his official site, not yet available the latest firmware for this device. SE-406AB still using the factory default firmware version.

samsung se 406ab review there is a multimedia player function 3 

press the button
You just press this button twice until the LED lights turn on if you want to activate AV mode. This mode should be enabled if you want to connect this device to a television.


Plus: Support AV connection; can read multiple formats in AV mode; slender and thin; without an adapter (USB powered); bundles Cyberlink apps output support.

Minus: It’s hard to identify specific pieces of Bluray when it is connected to the TV; USB cable not long enough; only 2 MB buffer.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.75
 - Facilities: 4
 - Ease: 4
 - Price: 4
 - Total Score: 3.9

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