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You Can Save Money On Monthly Home Alarm Costs

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Home security is something everyone wants today, but some people avoid buying an alarm system because of the expense. It’s not usually the upfront expense of buying the alarm that hinders them. It’s the month-by-month expense of live alarm monitoring. Some alarm companies can charge $30.00 a month for these services, and they are written into the contract when you buy the alarm system.

It’s possible to save significant money on this monthly expense, and still have an alarming system that gets the job done. Here are some ideas.

Install Your Alarm Yourself

Installing your own alarm system allows you to choose the alarm features you want, customizing them for your own home. This is not as hard as it seems. Alarm kits are available at the local hardware, and many of them do not require anything more than simple installation, with only the most basic tools. Some options to consider when buying and installing your own alarm system are wireless alarming and battery backup. There are many other options available.

If you can’t work with basic tools, ask a handyman to help you.

Hire An Alarm Monitoring Service

Installing your own alarm takes care of the initial installation, but it doesn’t fully cover the problem of daily monitoring when you are away from home. Home alarm monitoring services, such as Alarm Relay, allow you to take your installed alarm to the next level, without breaking your budget.

Alarm monitoring services don’t install your alarm. They simply monitor the alarm you already have, for a small monthly fee. These 24-hour services will monitor for break-ins, fire and other emergencies, and will often offer internet security options.

What To Do If You Already Have A Contract

If you are already locked into a contract with your alarm provider for monthly alarm monitoring, you can still switch to another alarm monitoring company. You will have to wait until your contract ends, however, or you will usually be charged a penalty for early termination of the contract. The average alarm system provider contract is for three years.

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Alarm monitoring services make it possible for the average consumer to be able to afford a higher level of customized security in their own home at a reduced rate.

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