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What Should You Know With Shared Storage Solutions for Small Business

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Small businesses are having to become more creative with storing critical company and financial data while protecting that information loss. Whether security breaches or a simple power outage, the search for a single repository that keeps data safe and easily retrievable at the same time ends for many with an investment in shared storage solutions.

Limited budgets does not lessen the need for storage and backup capabilities. Even though few can afford onsite IT support, their needs are just as vital as large multinationals. The resolution for small businesses is network attached storage systems.

What Shared Storage Does for Small Business

With network storage products, small businesses have better capabilities to centralize and back up important files in one location. This gives them the freedom to access files anywhere and at any time. Specifically, networked storage allows small businesses to:

  1. Afford more storage capacity
  2. Use any PC or MAC to access and store file from an existing network
  3. Share with other users (employees, suppliers, customers) with authentication credentials
  4. Auto backup critical files to keep data safe and secure

Create a Storage Strategy

Before buying a network storage system, small business owners should create a strategy. This ensures the company gets the most out of the purchase. By knowing upfront what is needed and which products match those needs, businesses will not spend more than necessary.

Further, investing time in a long-term plan helps to extend the life cycle of the products purchased. Not only does the business save money, but it also saves time while increasing efficiency. The ripple effect is more money saved.

An assessment of the current situation is a good business decision. Forecasting data growth is useful in selecting a solution that will scale with that growth. The storage strategy quickly becomes the road-map that guides the investment in operations, infrastructure and the people who will have access.

Other Considerations

Key benefits for a good storage strategy is selection a product with capacity, redundancy and speed. Beyond these essentials, the current size of the business will also determine which solutions works best.

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A single office may need a hybrid device that uses an online portal and a local USB storage. This helps to easily access, backup and share files. Work-groups in different locations may need wide area connectivity, and shared and private folders to consolidate work.

With network storage products, small businesses do not need to manage storage needs by investing in an IT department. Handling data growth, information sharing any other functions related to critical data is as simple as one storage solution.

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