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Quick Ways To Protect Yourself Online

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More and more people are going online, and they are accessing the Internet in a variety of ways. It used to be that desktop computers were the only way people got to their favorite websites. All of that is changing with the rise in popularity of mobile computing devices and laptops. As you do more communicating, shopping and banking online, you should know some quick and easy ways to protect yourself from criminals and malware.

Change Your Passwords Often

You can learn how to create strong passwords by referencing material online from Internet security companies. The best way to create strong passwords is to use a combination of letters and numbers that would be hard for anyone else to figure out. You should also never store lists of your passwords on your computer or handheld computing devices.

Visit Only Secure Websites

If you plan on buying something from a website and the website address does not begin with https://, then go to a different website. This address block indicates that the website you are using is secure and you can feel comfortable giving your information. You might see the https:// either in red or with a line through it, which means it is not a secured page and you should not use it.

Don’t Keep Personal Information On Your Mobile Computing Devices

Security for mobile computing devices is getting better, but your phone or tablet is still not as secure as your desktop or laptop. You should avoid storing account numbers or account information on your phone, and you should also avoid putting detailed information about your contacts in your phone’s address book as well. You can leave the detailed information for your desktop.

Avoid Public WiFi For Transactions

Public WiFi connections are not secure and not good ways to do transactions. If you want to do a transaction when you are out and about, then either use your standard cell connection or find a place that has secured WiFi. Be prepared to pay for secured WiFi as most companies do not offer it for free.

The Internet is becoming more of a part of everyone’s daily life than ever before. People all over the world connect online, and that can create a potentially dangerous environment. Be smart with your online transactions and you can avoid the perils that come with going online.

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