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Simple Tips for Computer Repair Rates Services

Technology is a great way to make life simpler, easier, and less stressful–that is, of course, until your computer stops working properly. Don’t resign yourself to the headaches and hassles caused by technology problems, sooner or later, all personal computers have to be maintained. Many of these tasks maybe made by a typical computer user however, it might be far better when the task is handled through the experts. Computer maintenance should be done at least one time annually for optimal computer performance. It is crucial to understand that these maintenance tasks involve opening the computer case. Dust build-up disturbs the air flow within your computer bringing on an increase of temperature inside the system unit. The rise in temperature will affect the performance of some computer parts and will eventually damage them if not maintained.

Don’t hesitate to set your computer repair rates to match the value of your knowledge and time. The only way you can place a value on that time is by your computer repair rates.


Cost to Task


As with any business your computer repair business requires many tasks that do not involve computer repair. Administrative, accounting, planning, and marketing, are just a few of the tasks every business owner must get accomplished. As you develop your action plan for making sure each of these tasks are completed, remember to compare your hourly computer repair rate to the hourly rate someone else would charge to handle the task for you. Often you can pay someone else to accomplish the duties cheaper than it is for you to take the time to complete it yourself.


Bill Wisely


As you determine your billable hours, don’t forget how valuable your knowledge and time are. Many computer repair professionals have trouble with the decision to determine whether the time should be billable or non-billable. Most will give away too much of their computer repair rates as non-billable time.

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If you look at the your bottom line profits and compare the amount of time you spent, you may find you are doing way too much work as non-billable. Don’t be afraid to charge for your services and set your computer repair rates accordingly.


Flat Fee or Hourly


While a flat fee will work for some projects when setting your computer repair rates, be cautious about using this method. Be cautious unless you know the market you are in will bear a flat fee amount that includes more than ample work time to be billed.

Remember, unexpected problems can occur, creating extra work that was not contracted in your computer repair rate. If you have given a flat fee, this extra work may have to be at no time billed. If you are billing hourly, then the time will be covered.

Many hesitate to bill hourly, as keeping up with exact times, and knowing exactly how long a project will take can be difficult. The experience will help greatly in this area as you set your computer repair rates. Many clients prefer a flat project fee. Then there are others who prefer hourly rates. Using common sense and your technical knowledge can help to determine which method is best for a particular prospect.

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