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Solution For Printer Problems

The Most Common Fixes For Printer Problems

A Printer is a hardware device that gives an impression in a text or graphic format. In general, the printer is not part of your computer system; you have to buy a printer separately. What is the best printer for you? There are advantages for a portable printer and they are:

  • Easy to install the printer of this type
  • Photographs of real estate or products that can give customers.
  • You can instantly print contracts.
  • Options for the repair of the portable printer is easy.

Another option available to you is choosing a multifunction printer. The most common problem user’s face is that your printer with your print job is blocked and is unable to show that, at some point, the spooler service printer is off and that’s why the printer gets into trouble.

To fix this type of problem you can do the following:

  • Click Start, click My Computer, and then click Manage.
  • Expand Services and Applications and then click Services.
  • Under Service status, click the Print Spooler service, and then click Start.

In a problem faced by users with a wireless printer, have themes such as the printer is giving impression, but it is scanning the document. The notification referred to in technical terms, it is very important to repair the printer, on the other hand, what a home user can do is: Keep the printer clean. It is important that the printer must be cleaned, both interior and exterior parts.

Keep the printer clean their hands every day. You can also clean the print head to maintain print quality. To clean the print head inkjet open the outer cover and remove the print cartridge and gently clean the print head with a soft cotton cloth. Make sure the print cartridge tip should be dry.

Printer Spooler Problems – A Way to Fix Them Without Pain

When you click on the Print button in some programs, the Spooler program receives your printing task. In printer spooler app properties you can add or remove current printer jobs. Spooler Subsystem icon appears in your taskbar when you try to print something.

Thanks to Spooler Subsystem App different computers and different users can print their documents on the same printer at the same time. The spooler process organizes the list of print jobs into the queue. If spooler service is stopped, printing is impossible. Installing a printer driver that contains errors or is incompatible with already installed drivers will also cause a spooler service stop.

The problem occurs also if spool SV service was stopped by accident or you turn it to Manual or Disabled mode. One of the most common reasons for the spoolsv.exe problem is that several printers are installed at the same moment under Windows Vista. If you have spools.exe virus, scan your system with a recent antivirus. Sometimes (rarely) it can be corrected by reinstalling your printer spooling drivers. Clear printer’s job queue before you try to solve the Spooler problem.

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Locate temporary directories of your printer driver and delete all files with .shd and .spl extensions. Reinstalling printer drivers sometimes can also lead to the total inoperability of the spooler subsystem app. Do not install several printer drivers only one computer unless you really need this.

Be careful when editing registry entries of printer spooler job queue as you can harm your system. My email is bombarded with messages from users all over the world regarding printer Spooler Subsystem problems. I receive a lot of requests from users who experience printer Spooler Subsystem App errors.

Printer Not Responding – The Solutions to Printer Not Working Problem

The printer is not responding? If you plug your printer to a USB port and there is not a green icon showing in the taskbar indicating a device was connected, you can plug it to other ports and see if it is detected. USB driver is not used by the Windows system for recognizing USB devices like printer, scanner, camera, and so on.

In another case, if you get an error message “USB Device Not Recognized” when you attach your printer to your computer, the problem must be caused by the printer driver error. Firstly, you should check if your printer driver is installed properly. Unsuccessful driver installation will lead to your printer not be able to work properly. And if the printer driver is outdated or damaged, your printer will not respond too.

To fix the problem that causes by the driver error, you should check the model of your printer, download, and install the latest version on your computer. The printer problems that stem from out-of-date or corrupt driver software can be solved by installing or reinstalling the latest driver.

Printer Troubleshooting Guide – Software Malfunction and Solutions

This article shows you some possible ways to fix the printer problem. 1) The printing result is different from the print preview:

  • When you find the format is pretty good by using print preview but the print result is poor (for example, some characters are overlapped), you may solve the problem by changing the page properties of the file.
  • The printing characters are obscure: It is a very common phenomenon in using a printer. Take inkjet printers as an example, when the printing characters are obscure, you can clean the print head and then use some highly absorbent papers to polish the place near the print head. If the solution fails, you will have to reinstall the driver of the printer.
  • The printer is unable to print large-sized files: It often happens in laser printers. The printer performs well when it prints small-sized files but when it comes to large-sized files, the printer fails.

You have chosen the Print option but the printer doesn’t have a response:

  • If the printer can start up normally when you turn on the power switch, you can check the BIOS settings. Most printers use ECP mode but some don’t support ECP mode.
  • If the above method fails, please turn off your computer and pull out your printer’s cable and then stick the cable in the printer again.

The printer can’t print the files completely:

If you meet such a problem, it is sure to be caused by software faults. In such a case, you can change the settings of interface by following these steps: Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware-> Device manager->Ports->Printer port-> printer driver->Change driver->show all devices->change ECP LPT port to printer LPT port->Yes

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