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How to Keep Unwanted Animals Out of Your Yard

Even if you have pets of your own, you probably dislike animals running loose across your yard and through your garden. The dogs and cats that belong to your neighbors can leave behind messes that you must clean up. Those same animals and others can tear up your lawn, eat the plants in your garden and even damage any flowers or shrubs you planted. While your own pet knows what it can do outside, you need to find ways to deal with unwanted pets to keep them out.

Use New Plants

One of the best ways to keep unwanted animals out of your yard is with a few new plants. Citronella has an odor that cats do not like, which makes it a great choice for your garden. You can use lemon thyme and other herbs that have a strong odors cats dislike too. As the plants blossom, the odor spreads across your entire yard and around your home. Cats will quickly detect where the scent comes from and learn to avoid your yard and garden.

Put Up a Fence

Putting up a fence is another smart way to keep out unwanted pets. A privacy fence or a security fence that measures five to six feet tall or taller will give you more privacy and keep your own pets inside your yard. You can add a small barbed wire fence around your garden or other parts of your yard that are popular with unwanted pets. A barbed wire machine produces multiple feet of wire in a short period of time. Let your neighbors know before you put up this type of fence though. Cats, dogs and other types of animals can cut their skin and develop other injuries because of the sharp wire.

Reach for Bitter Spray

Another way to keep pets out that works particularly well with dogs is something called bitter spray. This is the same thing that professionals use when training puppies to stop the dogs from chewing. You can apply a thin coating of the spray to different places in your yard and anywhere you notice dogs chewing or licking. The bitter taste of the spray acts like a repellent and turns them off. With bitter spray, a new fence and some new plants, you can make your lawn and garden less appealing to the pets in your neighborhood.

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