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Vectir Performance Review, Control Any Applications Remotely Using Smartphone

cnwintech review application vectir

Vectir is an application to control a computer remotely using a smartphone. This application can also work as a keyboard and mouse to open, close, and run applications contained in computer. Vectir can work on a touch screen or keypad smartphone. Condition, this smartphone should support Java. Meanwhile, support for connections include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared.

To activate it, you must install this application into the destination computer and also to a smartphone that wants to be used as a remote control. For example, if you Android users, first install Vectir application available on Google Play Store. Installation on a computer made it easier with the inclusion of the guidelines until the final stage.

By default, Vectir allows access to five major functions on the computer, which is a Desktop Profile, System, Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player. But you can still add other functions, such as running office applications and more. There is also a function to restart, log off until shut down can be done from a smartphone.

On the Desktop Profile option, you can view the desktop on a PC through a smartphone screen in real-time, even when your computer running a video or other applications. System functions allow us to browse the entire contents on a computer. Vectir will display all the existing drives on your computer and get full access to run it from a smartphone.

Applications on Android can be downloaded and used free of charge, whereas the computer version is a paid application. However, you can use the trial version for 30 days without any feature restriction.

With the Vectir application, you can control a computer remotely utilizing wireless connections from smartphones. Access options can be set by users to make Vectir flexible used for all kinds of purposes, such as monitoring, accessing, and running multimedia files. This application is suitable for controlling an HTPC (Home-Theatre PC).


Installation Size91 KB/12.12 MB (Android/Windows)
Operating SystemAndroid/Windows XP/Vista/7


Plus: Supports three types of wireless connections; real-time display, supports video content; access options can be customized.

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Minus: –

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