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ECS HDC-1 Performance Review, Completely for HTPC

cnwintech ecs hdc 1

This device offers an HTPC feature with the inclusion of a multimedia keyboard Bluetooth connection. ECS presents a unique solution for those who want to build an HTPC. One of the unique offerings that are already installed AMD processors E-350 permanently. So you no longer need to choose the processor itself. However, this causes you can not perform the upgrade. Chipset-based Hudson-M1 (A50M), you will find that there are two memory slots that can accommodate a maximum of 8 GB of memory. This product is also equipped with onboard graphics chip ATI Radeon HD6310-based. This graphics chip is sufficient to meet middle needs. In addition, the product also supports DirectX 11 and UVD3 that transfer the video decoding process from processor to graphics chip.

Using a mini-ITX size is quite small, ECS HDC-I keeps trying to present the latest features for modern computing activities. This is evident from SATA3 ports availability (including eSATA). There are also a USB3.0 port and support for both analog and digital output display. ECS HDC-I inserts a mini PCI Express x1 slot in the area near the processor. This slot can be used to accommodate a WiFi card that already bundled in the package. You can just install the card and connect the cable to an antenna mounted on the rear motherboard. Mini slot because it is a consequence physical mini-ITX form that fairly narrow.

A somewhat different also included a multimedia keyboard. The keyboard is smaller than a standard keyboard because it is not accompanied by numeric keys. So layout buttons similar to a laptop keyboard, complete with multimedia keys. Uniquely in the left and right sides keyboard is equipped with a handle and comes with a controller like a button on a console. Looking at its performance, ECS HDC-I really only suitable for light computing and multimedia activities. If you want to do heavy tasks, such as rendering video or images, may be overheating and the system will be hang. This device allows you to build a practical HTPC. This is supported by completeness features and performance advantages that pretty good. Moreover, the ECS warranty period is fairly long compared to most others.

Testing results

PCMark7 Professional Edition V1.0.41142 PCMarks
3DMark11 Professional Edition V
STALKER Call of Pripyat Benchmark V1.6.00 (avg)7.35 fps
Cinebench 11.50.62 pts
Sisoff Sandra Lite 2011 SP4c (Dhrystone ALU)10 PLASTER
Video encoding6881 seconds
Audio encoding313 seconds


processor typeAMD E-350
chipsetHudson-M1 (A50M)
memory2 DDR3-800/1066 dual-channel max. 8 GB
graphics card1x PCI Express x16 (x4)
expansion slots1x PCIe x1
storageSATA3 4x, 1x eSATA3
sound chipVIA VT1708B (8 channels)
network chipAtheros AR8151/AR8152 (gigabit/10/100)
PCB dimensionsMini ITX, 17×17 cm
I/O6 x USB2.0
1 x HDMI
1 x D-Sub VGA
1 x DVI
2 x USB3.0
1 x eSATA3
1 x LAN
1 x Bluetooth Dongle
1 x 6 in 1 audio (1 x Optical SPDIF Output)
guarantee5 years
web sitehttps://www.ecs.com.tw
Price range*about U.S.$138
cnwintech ecs hdc 1 htpc 


Its designation for HTPC, modern and old port here. There is also a Bluetooth dongle for connection to a keyboard.

cnwintech ecs hdc 1 bluetooth connection 
1demo banner 300x250

Bluetooth Connection

This multimedia Keyboard product is small. However, this keyboard has a lot of extra function keys. All the function keys are quite comfortable to use for all multimedia or gaming activities.

cnwintech ecs hdc 1 mini pcie 

Mini PCIe

Due to mini-ITX size relatively small, provided a mini-PCI Express slot that serves as a Wi-Fi adapter.


Plus: Great for HTPC; already equipped processor; low power consumption; SATA3 completely; have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB3.0; included multimedia keyboard.

Minus: Heat when asked to work extra hard; processor can not be upgraded; graphics slot bandwidth is only x4.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 3.75
 - Facilities: 3.9
 - Ease: 3.75
 - Price: 4.25
 - Total Score: 3.9
Test Platform:
Kingston Memory 2 GB x2 DDR3-1333, onboard graphics card, hard drive Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 320 GB, PSU Silverstone OP700, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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