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Canon ImageClass MF3010 Performance Review, Compact and Fast

cnwintech canon imageclass mf3010 review

On-Demand Fixing technology and UFR II LT able to produce fast print speeds with good quality. In terms of technology, many have indeed MF3010 Canon flagship technology. Various technologies include On-Demand Fixing. Its function is to eliminate warming up time so that devices can work right away. This technology can reduce the resource usage process making it more efficient. Also included support for printer language UFR II LT to improve printer performance.

Unfortunately, in terms of completeness, relatively few of its features. You will not see an ethernet port for connecting this product to a network. There are also no direct function print, fax, and full-duplex. However, instead, you can print with a choice two documents up to 16 documents in 1 sheet. Although the relatively compact physical size, MF3010 it can suck 450-watt power when printing. Even according to data from the specifications, these devices can suck up electrical power up to 900-watt maximum. Fortunately, on standby and sleep mode, the power used this device is quite small, ie below 2.5 watts.

In terms of performance, we see this device is one of the fastest. This device incised FPOT print time 6 sec and 19 sec on five sheets mono documents (text-based). This is a race. When used as a copier printing machine, the device is copying 1 text-based documents (before printing) in about 10 seconds. Furthermore, this device will print in just 16 seconds. The application included, provided the highest resolution option which is 600 dpi. This device is able to scan A4-size images within 14 seconds. Meanwhile, when scanning documents mono and color, it takes 35 seconds.

Printouts of this device are not too curvy like most laser devices, so you can still compile them easily. Overall we liked the performance offered by this product. The shape is compact and does not consume a lot of places. It just lacks some important features such as network ports and duplex function will reduce its appeal.

Testing Results

print speed 5 sheets FPOT (1 sheet)
Mono text (RTF) 19 sec 6 sec
Text + graphic (pdf) 21 sec 8 sec
A4 image 24 sec 11 sec
copy speed
Mono text (RTF) 29 sec 16 sec
Text + graphic (pdf) 29 sec 16 sec
Picture (jpg) 29 sec 16 sec
scan speed
Photo A4 (low) 3/10 sec
Photo A4 (standard) 5/10 sec
Photo A4 (high) 14/35 sec


printing technology monochrome laser
Resolution (standard/interpolation) Up to 600×600/1200×600 dpi
memory 64 MB (shared)
paper capacity 150 sheets
Paper output capacity 100 sheets
duplex no
as a scanner
technology Color CIS Flatbed
Resolution (Optical/interpolation) Up to 600×600/9600×9600 dpi
color depth 24 bit
as a copier
Downsizing/magnification 50-200%
resolution Up to 600×600 dpi
copy facilities ID Card Copy, 2 on 1
connection USB 2.0
work cycle 8000 pages/month
operating system Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.4.9 – 10.6, Varian Linux OS
weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions (lwh) 37.2 x 37.1 x 25.4 cm
power consumption 960/58/3.5 watt (max/standby/power save)
web site https://www.canon.com
guarantee 1 year
Price range* About $185
cnwintech canon imageclass mf3010 scanner application 

scanner application

MF Toolbox is an application that is provided to perform scanning. There are several configuration options that are detailed and complete.

1available ads room - 728x90
cnwintech canon imageclass 

replacement for duplex

Although it does not have a duplex function, MF3010 still includes paper-saving mode when printing. Options available are printing 2 in 1 up to 16 in 1.

cnwintech canon imageclass mf3010 toner saving 


Toner with On-Demand Fixing technology will decrease time warming up so that devices work faster and power efficient.


Plus: Hurry while printing and scanning; precision printouts; not noisy.

Minus: Feature minimal.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4.25
 - Facilities: 3.75
 - Ease: 4
 - Price: 4
 - Total Score: 4

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