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Camcorder Sony HDR-PJ580 Performance Review, Complete with Projector

camcorder sony hdr pj580 2

In addition to a camcorder, this device can also display the recording due to the presence of an internal projector. Do not miss any special moments that so meaningful. There are times when you want to immediately enjoy the moments that you have just taken to enjoy together right?

To target these needs, Sony issuing product in line PJ-series. Products in this line comes with an internal projector. One of them is on this HD-PJ580 series. Yes, the projectors are already embedded-in camcorder can display film on any surface. You can instantly projecting video you want to see on a wall or other media.

With more than 13 lumens, output images produced was enough contrast and can be seen clearly as long as used in dim conditions with less projection distance of 1 meter. The placement of projector on the front of LCD lets you adjust the projection direction while the slider at the top controls the focus of projector.

Use Exmor R CMOS sensor called BSI (Back Side Illuminated) make image processing capabilities to be more sensitive. Picture becomes more clear with minimal noise and distortion. At the tests performed, a new noise disturbing when we did the maximum zoom. Taking pictures in dim light conditions can still be done well, especially when the flash turned on. This camcorder also supports static image capture up to 20.4 megapixel resolution and can take pictures while recording video (dual recording).

Record mode can be set according to your wishes. Options that can be selected including Photo, Movie, Smooth Slow and Golf Shot. Interestingly, at Golf Shot option shooting focused on the 1/7 portions of the screen. The movement captured frame per frame like using a burst-shot on a DSLR camera. With the support of Full-HD recording (1920×1080 pixels), this camcorder is certainly quite interesting for those who want to try out the HD LCD TVs sensation.

Dolby 5.1 Creator technology to maximize the audio functions on this HDR PJ-580. Input noise around objects recorded properly. The resulting internal output speakers is also clear so you can watch a video that was recorded without need for additional speakers.

GPS feature is also became one of product advantages. You can recalled moments that have been recorded with the shooting location. Unfortunately, when tested, this GPS is difficult to lock locations and often experience a loss of signal (especially when you are in room). With an internal memory of 32 GB, HDRPJ580 capacity can still expanded via SD card or Memory Stick Pro Duo.

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With a myriad of features including the ability to play Full-HD video, GPS facilities, and internal projector, recorder HDR-PJ580 is an innovative cool stuff. This product is very useful especially if we want to directly play the tape.


Functions Camcorders and cameras
Image resolution (min/max) 6016 x 3384 pixels (20.4MP, 16:9) 4512 x 3384 pixels (15.3MP, 4:3)
Video resolution (min/max) HD: 1920 x 1080/50p (PS), 25p (FX, FH), 50i (FX, FH), 1440 x 1080/50i (HQ, LP) – STD: 720 x 576/50i
connection types Mini USB, A/V, Mini HDMI
Memory (internal/external) 32 GB/SDHC & MS Pro Duo
zoom 12x (optical), 20x (extended)
screen LCD 3.0″ wide-screen
battery type/rechargeable Li-ion Battery 980 mAh/Yes
Video formats HD: MPEG4-AVC/H.264 AVCHD™ format compatible ver.2.0. STD: MPEG2-PS
Photo format JPEG
dimension 11.65 x 5.85 x 6.45 cm
Weight (with battery) 390 grams
other tools Adaptor, Remotecontrol, Lens hood, cable A/V and USB, mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable
guarantee 1 year
Website www.sony.com
Price (range)* US $1260
camcorder sony hdr pj580 1 2Projector function
Internal projector above 13 lumens output capable of delivering 640×360 pixels resolution and is suitable to small-scale space.
camcorder sony hdr pj580 2 2USB cable
USB connection cable now fitted with a cover on the hand strap. Previously available USB port.
camcorder sony hdr pj580 3 2Record position
GPS feature allows you to remember the shooting location. However, if the GPS signal is not good, the locking position to be rather difficult.


Plus: The Internal Projector; support Full-HD; Dolby Surround 5.1 channel, memory relief.

Minus: GPS difficult to locks area; small battery power.

Score Assessment
 - Performance: 4.5
 - Facilities: 4.5
 - Usage: 4.25
 - Price: 3
 - Total score: 4.15

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