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Watch out, Free iPad Bid, turns out a Trap Click!

bid ipad free on facebook

Trend Micro identifies a trap click of cybercrime to Facebook users worldwide, one of them, in my country.

In this case, the user is prompted to share and comment on the death of Steve Jobs to get the prize of thousands of iPad. This contest ends until October 10, 2011.

This information has been detected spread by viral, and indirectly provide fraud for millions of Facebook users around the world. Initially Trend Micro has found a website that contains information to distribute thousands of iPad along with Jobs’s death to share links for the Facebook user, once asked to comment on the incident.

But when link clicked that appears about the information that program does not exist in the area concerned, rather than thousands reward of iPad, this just advertising offers from some products raised by the scammers. Obviously the scammers will benefit from ad-click and viewed by the victim clicks. Profit increases if users share links with friends.

This incident was reminiscent of all Facebook users, in order to keep raising awareness so that they are more careful in various motives deception launched by these scammers, especially things that require you to click something, it is very important.

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