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4 Essential Marine Parts

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Headed out on the water? Before you find yourself six miles at sea and struggling with your hawse pipe, make sure you’ve equipped your storeroom with these four must-have marine accessories.

1: GPS Navigation

It’s fine if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, but you should always back up your compass with modern technology even if you don’t plan on using it. You never know when you’ll face an emergency while miles from civilization.

2: Anchor Chains

Different anchor chains have different strengths, so it’s important to keep a spare on board that you’re comfortable and familiar with using. You’ll be glad you planned ahead when you aren’t left dead in the water because you’re struggling with a strange chain.

3: LED Lights

A strong light can mean the difference between life and death if someone goes under murky currents. They’re also useful for trips taken at dawn or ones that go over-schedule and last into the night.

4: Hawsers

Hawsers are critical to the towing and mooring of boats, so don’t find yourself without one when you really need it. The good news is they’re available at almost every shop that sells new and discount marine parts, so you’ll have your pick of size, material and thickness.

These are just a few things you’ll need to be fully prepared for a day on the water. Whether you’re fishing, crabbing, snorkeling or just enjoying a peaceful afternoon on the lake, you won’t want to leave your dock without these four essentials.

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