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5 Effective Ways to Enhance a Vehicle’s Safety

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Drivers should take their on-road safety seriously. While virtually every modern vehicle comes equipped with the basic essentials such as airbags and seat-belts, there are plenty of other safety enhancements that can be installed on a vehicle. Here are some effective ways to enhance a vehicle’s safety.

Upgraded Tires

Some people tend to overlook the importance of a car’s tires. The tires impact the vehicle’s traction, handling, and stopping ability. Upgrading to a set of performance tires will drastically improve the driving dynamics of a car. Performance tires are typically designed with much more grip, which is especially beneficial when traveling on wet pavement. The enhanced handling will certainly help the driver to escape dangerous situations on the road.

Bigger Brakes

Drivers who desire the ultimate stopping power should consider replacing their vehicle’s factory braking system. Contrary to popular belief, high-performance braking systems are not just for sports cars. The average sedan can also benefit greatly from installing a high-performance brake kit. Not only will the beefier brake pads ensure quicker stops, but they will also last substantially longer.

Better Lighting

Some of the newest vehicles on the market come equipped with LED lighting. However, drivers who own an older model can still outfit their ride with LED lights. Advanced bulbs such as the 194 LED bulb are designed to shine much brighter than a traditional halogen bulb. Installing LED lights will enhance nighttime visibility and make the vehicle more noticeable to oncoming traffic during the day.

Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror

The glare from an oncoming vehicle’s headlights can cause temporarily blindness. Installing an auto-dimming rear-view mirror will effectively fix this major safety issue. This high-tech mirror automatically adjusts itself according to the amount of light that is present. Fortunately, most auto-dimming mirrors are relatively easy to install.

Headlight Cover Restoration

Unlike glass headlight covers, plastic headlight covers have a tendency to fade over time. A headlight cleaning kit is well worth the expense. Most kits include a restoration cream, sandpaper and a sealant. It takes less than an hour to have the headlight covers looking like new.

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