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Three Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Driving School

Technology has created a whole new world. Changes in cars, just in the last twenty years, are phenomenal. Thanks to technological advances in cars, they are safer to drive, offer more amenities than could have ever been imagined, and the experience of driving a car has become one of the most enjoyable parts of a person’s day. But, with all of the changes in cars, the basic rules of safety and driving a car remain the same. The bottom line is that the car is only as safe as the driver who is behind the wheel. Luckily, technology has also followed driving school into the 21st century as well. There are many technological advances that have made learning how to drive a fun and much more informational experience than it has ever been. Some of the advances include:

1. The Technological Benefits of an iPad

To suggest that someone should actually use an iPad or tablet or other mobile device while they are driving is unsafe and is not the technological advance for driving school that is being mentioned. There are, however, a variety of simulation apps that are available for download that a student can use along with the instructor to analyze possible situations once the student is behind the wheel. By discussing unexpected occurrences on the road and how to handle them, the student driver is better equipped, rather than just guessing or trying to make last-minute decisions while driving.

2. The Use of a Rangefinder

One of the most difficult tasks to learn when you are a new driver is how to judge space and distance – between your car and the cars that are behind you, in front of you and on either side of you. When you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, this is not the time to begin guessing. Your instructor can use a tool called a Rangefinder – a simple point and click tool that allows you to see how far you are from the car next to you or in front of you. It is an excellent way to learn to gauge your depth perception skills.

3. Steering Wheel Trainers

Just like small steering wheel trainers that toddlers pretend that they are driving on, a steering wheel trainer is a technological simulator that allows student drivers the opportunity to practice hands-on skills, such as turning the wheel, how to master skills such as Push-Pull or Hand Over Hand methods when making tricky maneuvers, and basically become acclimated and comfortable behind the wheel while they are in a stationary position.

Whether you have been driving for years or you have a teenager who is ready to learn, technology has made learning to drive a process that makes the road a safer place for all. Learning basic skills and safety precautions are critical. When you are ready to begin looking for driving schools in the Sydney eastern suburbs, be sure to call Formula Driving School for more information.

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