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5 Effective Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies

Best practice of how do you attract and retain drivers

5 Effective Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies. Retaining your most OK staff and drivers is difficult, especially with the current driver shortage, which is the big problem of driver retention. Finding the perfect truck driving job that meets both the driver’s and the motor carrier’s demands can be problematic for both sides. You must create a successful recruitment and retention program to hire great drivers. This program should be built on honesty and strive to improve everyone on the team. Don’t lure new drivers by promising the world in the first few months; you’ll lose them in no time. Instead, avoid the “honeymoon” period. By creating a solid recruitment and retention program, you’ll be able to attract great drivers.

Work-life balance

Employees who enjoy a balanced work-life relationship are more likely to stay with employers. It is a strong predictor of employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Promoting a balanced work-life relationship will help your company attract and retain high-quality HR. 

An excellent place to start is by addressing the needs of your employees. A study by Michael Page India, a global recruitment company, revealed that employees are increasingly looking for a work-life balance. While 48% of respondents were looking for a better work-life balance, 39% said that a higher income was the most critical factor in selecting a workplace. Those results highlight a shift in the priorities of employees and the need for organizations to create a work-life balance culture.

Paying drivers on time

While many employers pay their drivers on time, you should also consider other ways to keep them on your team. Consider offering driver training, investing in their career advancement, and issuing company laptops. Drivers will stay longer and be more loyal if they are well compensated. Also, consider investing in technology that will improve driver productivity, such as a transportation management system or asset maintenance. Paying drivers on time is a proven strategy for driver retention and recruitment.

An effective driver retention strategy must be rooted in integrity and a commitment to improvement. Never bait new drivers and promise them a “honeymoon,” period. Instead, treat them like a valuable part of the team and strive for continuous improvement. You must create a working environment that fosters trust and respect. It’s essential to pay drivers on time to prevent this “honeymoon period” for new hires.

Investing in quality equipment

While many drivers may be satisfied with their paycheck, faulty vehicles and equipment can ruin your day. Investing in high-quality equipment is a proven driver retention strategy. Other benefits for drivers include comfortable seats, state-of-the-art safety equipment, and DVRs.

When it comes to attracting good drivers, it is no easy task. In addition to creating a safe work environment, fleet managers must also invest in them. This is essential to retaining the best drivers, but churn rates will remain high without the proper investment. A recent report by WorkHound 2020 gathered more than eighteen thousand driver comments on various topics, including pay, time away from home, clashes with supervisors, and low-quality equipment.

Investing in training

While drivers have a few different reasons to leave your company, turnover is one of the most common. This is particularly problematic in the trucking industry, where freight volumes continue to grow, but there are fewer drivers. Investing in driver recruitment and retention strategies will minimize turnover rates and attract new drivers at less cost than traditional recruitment programs. For example, investing in training and certifications for your drivers can help them improve their skill sets and stay on your team longer.

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Poor training and lack of professional development opportunities are just a few reasons drivers leave companies. Inadequate training and insufficient pay can leave them feeling underpaid or unappreciated. On the other hand, a proper training and onboarding process signals to drivers that you value their careers and invest in them. For example, offering drivers professional development opportunities every three months and connecting them with other drivers is a great way to build employee loyalty.

Paying drivers for safe driving

Adding a safety bonus to your fleet is a great way to reward your drivers for being safe. Even small companies can use a bonus structure to encourage safe driving. For example, in 2016, motor carriers paid an average of $1,500 per driver for safe driving. Offering a reward for years of service is also a great way to keep drivers and improve their safety records.

Invest in your drivers’ training. Consider paying for CDL training. Companies that offer company laptops to drivers can also stand out. Drivers will be more loyal to a company that invests in them. This strategy is also suitable for attracting new drivers. Many companies provide free training online for CDL drivers. OSHA safety training and DOT compliance basics can be obtained online. Consider putting a compensation program to reward drivers for getting these certifications.

driver recruitment and retention strategies
Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies Program

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