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Fingerprint Technology on Your Gun Case, the Firearm Benefits as Home-Defense

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Many people fail to see the value in a pistol case, and it’s easy to understand why; after all, what good is a weapon for self-defense if it cannot be easily accessed? That said, if you’re a homeowner with small children in the home, a gun case is invaluable. The majority of firearm related accidents happen as a result of improperly secured weaponry. By investing in a case, not only do you protect yourself, but your children as well.

Even with a case, self-defense and protection doesn’t have to be off-limits. There are a number of pistol cases that enable quick-draw capability. These cases allow the homeowner to simply press a fingerprint to a sensor and the case snaps open automatically. It takes less than a single second for the scanner to read your fingerprint and open. These cases can be stored under the bed, in cabinets, and a number of other places that allow for easy access.

Because they’re coded to your unique fingerprint, it is impossible for anyone else to open the cases. This means that your children, friends, and family members are unable to reach the weapons; it also means an intruder will be unable to turn your weapon against you, as is often the case with home invasions.

In addition to holding a number of different firearms, these cases are designed to hold magazines, as well. You can keep a weapon fully loaded while in storage, with a few additional loaded magazines for easy access to reloads.
In addition to the numerous home-defense benefits, these cases can be used for carrying competition pistols on the road. Single and double-gun cases are perfect for road trips; not only do they protect the firearm inside from jolts and damage, but the cases also present a strong deterrent to thieves who may take an interest in your firearms.

As a firearm owner, safety should be your number one priority above all else. Even if a weapon is intended for self or home defense, there is no excuse not to safeguard it from the hands of those it is not intended for.

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