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Quareo Provide Comprehensive Network Security Visibilities

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TE Connectivity has just launched its newest product line, QUAREO. Adopt the technology patented connection point, Quareo brings the ability to track, monitor, and electronically authenticate all connections from the data center to the desktop.

QUAREO connector has a chip technology that provides a “connection point identification” to record in the real-time status of each of the fiber network connection points that can be accessed by network management systems upstream. Ecosystem end-to-end network QUAREO manage configuration, information security, change management, physical security, asset management, performance, IT service continuity, risk management, and disaster recovery.

“QUAREO Technology is breaking down boundaries between Layer 1 and Layer 2, thereby enabling new and innovative applications to help reduce network operating costs. The ability to find out, monitor, and manage Layer 1 is integrated with network management policy was not possible before using the network management solution that can only monitor, control, and secure Layer 2 through 7, “said Xavier Lau, Senior Sales Manager, TE Enterprise Networks.

More efficient and safer

In terms of installation and maintenance, QUAREO technology also eliminates the need to provide ‘tone’ or mark the cables along millions of miles manually from a large data center to the desktop, so it can save you thousands of hours of work in data centers, server space, hosting providers and office around the world.

“Previously, if a network cable or connector somewhere on the network is broken, the technician must manually keep track of mark mounted on the cable across the network before it can be replaced. Network managers are now no longer need to rely on documentation that is often lacking updates, or to guess when dealing with the physical layer, or check the ‘tone’ of each cable to check if the cable is still working or needs to be replaced because the QUAREO product range has eliminated all the hassle,” adds Xavier.

Xavier said that the technology allows all connections QUAREO identified with uniquely and communicate with the entire computer network. “As a result, users have a data set that can allow computer network monitoring, topology mapping, and problem-solving in real-time from the data center to the desktop. In the end, the computer network becomes more secure and has high availability, thereby enabling managers to reduce costs and improve service.”

Currently, Xavier also revealed that TE Connectivity has been providing comprehensive QUAREO technology in North America and Indonesia.

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Industry analysts, Cindy Borovick, Vice President, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure and Datacenter Networks, IDC said, “QUAREO technology enables IT organizations to make use of social trends, mobile and virtual that occurred in this decade. By introducing network intelligence at Layer 1, customers will be able to reduce operational costs, maximize staff time, and at the same time brings durability in infrastructure, facilitate security, and meet regulatory demands.”

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