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VoIP Technology – Talk = Cheap

VoIP products based on VoIP enabled technology products to employ Voice over Packet chip processors, VoIP PCI and CPCI communication boards, and VoIP media gateway modules (PMC form factor). VoIP products are integral to the most advanced and reliable VoIP and Voice over ATM platforms currently sold by leading VoIP telecom and networking companies worldwide.

VoIP companies provide voice over packet (VoIP) processors for OEM implementations of voice communications over packet networks or “VoIP”. Each VoIP processor features low bit rate Vocoders, a State-of-the-art Echo Canceller, and T.38 compliant fax relay.

High and medium density gateways, residential gateways, and integrated access devices (IAD) are among the major users of VoIP chip processors. These VoIP solutions power client applications from small gateways and IP phones. As an indication of market size… one major VoIP provider has over 10 million ports installed and growing rapidly.

VoIP Products – Gateway Network

The entire VoIP gateway network is based on continued advances in VoIP media boards that offer field-proven solutions. The product design of proper PSTN interfaces is a critical factor in VoIP deployment.

How can small or medium-sized gateways compete in the market? By implementing cost-effective solutions for enterprise or small POPs and fast market penetration into new and emerging markets. On the other hand, large VoIP gateways are designed to meet major carriers’ operational requirements.

VoIP Products – Market Driven

The rapid VoIP market expansion for VoIP Gateways led to the large diversity in VoIP products. Today, VoIP providers may choose from different sized gateways for VoIP networks of different sizes. Also, Mediant VoIP gateways enable carriers to address multi-regional requirements and strengthen the economics of deployment.

For instance, providing PSTN signaling and compression technology deployed in over 75 countries is quite a challenge. Fortunately, VoIP technology may quickly enter new regions and conserve precious bandwidth in hard-to-reach offices.

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