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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Casters

Consider This Factors Prior to Buy Casters.

Casters are an extremely effective way to turn a stationary piece of equipment into a mobile one. While most casters feature a very similar design, there are some differences between different models. These are four of the factors you should consider when choosing casters.

1. Load Capacity

The load capacity is the highest amount of weight a caster can support. If you exceed the load capacity of your casters, the housing may collapse or break. Casters for low capacity objects, such as office chairs, may only be able to support 200 pounds or less. Industrial strength casters may support as much as 100,000 pounds. Make sure the caster you choose can support the weight of the object it will be mounted to. Additionally, for noise reduction and increased safety, you may want to consider shock isolating casters

2. Mounting Method

There are three main mounting methods for casters. The first is a flat plate that can be bolted onto an object. Second, is a stem that can be snapped or screwed into an object. Finally, some casters utilize brackets for verticle mounting.

3. Wheel Material

Wheels are typically made from cast iron, nylon, rubber, polyolefin, aluminum, or polyurethane. All of these materials can be used to create high-quality wheels, but some are more suited to particular applications than others. 

4. Resistance to Heat

Some casters are used in environments where they may be exposed to extreme heat. If the casters you plan to use will be used in this type of environment, it is important to make sure they can hold up to the highest temperatures they will be exposed to. Typical casters may begin to break down at around 200 degrees; however, heat-resistant casters are available.

The right caster for your application depends on how you plan to use your equipment. Consider these four factors when making your decision.

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