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6 Guide for Buying Memory Card Reader / Writer

sandisk 12in1 usb flash memory card reader2

This one object is as important as the memory card. Important because it helps us to move data from memory card to your PC or vice versa. All the data we have the photos, work files, tasks campus, could easily switch places because of the memory card reader/writer of this.

If we do not have it, try carefully before buying it. There are many types and brands of memory card reader/writer are available in various places. What should we expect?

1. Read info specifications listed in product packaging

On certain products are clearly given any memory card that can be read by the memory card and up to how much capacity memory card is capable of reading data. Read the specifications stated on the product packaging. Generally, for products like memory cards are not available manuals, specification information can be easily found on the front and back of packaging products.

2. Is there a card slot compatible with memory cards that we have

For example, a memory card that we have the type CF (Compact Flash) then look for a memory card reader that provides a slot for CF. Generally, the products listed how many card slots are available for various types of memory cards.

3. Buy a memory card that can read many cards in one particular slot multi-card and read the data simultaneously

There is already a memory card product that is able to read many types of memory cards in one slot. For example, a slot can read the two types of cards, Micro SDHC, and Micro SD (T-Flash). Or a slot that can read data from SD card, SDHC, Mini SD, Mini-SDHC, MMC, and others. Features multi-card reading at the same time would make the job move data becomes easier and faster. There are three types of the memory card reader is a single card (1x SD), multi-card (eg 9 in 1), series cards (eg 4x SD)

4. Note the maximum data capacity that can be transferred according to the information contained on product packaging

My experience, when I want to do the transfer of data using a memory card could not be due to storage capacity SD memory card while I was 4 Gb memory card reader/writer that I would use only able to accept SD memory cards up to 2 GB maximum.

5. Note also the connection interface

On products that are more recent than previously generally been using a USB type interface 2.o. The transfer of data to use the maximum speed if the memory cards and PC / Mac are both already have a suitable interface connection.

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Did you know:

USB 2.0 has a data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps 40x faster than USB 1.1 which has a maximum speed of 12 Mbps.

6. Buy as needed

Have you already need a slot for reading data from the mobile phone SIM card? If not needed, then the slot does not necessarily exist on the memory card that you will buy. Buy as needed, so you can save money. On certain products targeting the more price-conscious consumers, generally base material product, a USB connector cable is also not too strong and resilient. Consider this before buying, whether the memory cards will be used for “heavy-duty” with the routine use of data transferred each day thousands of photos, hundreds of Gigabytes of data with the amount, or only occasionally move the photos over the holidays or your favorite mp3 song.

Important note:

Note the location or position when installing the memory card in the card slot. If you have not entered you’re usually misplaced or have not exactly true. Do not be forced to convert because it will damage the foot of the connector or the connector on the card or in part in the card slot memory card reader. In general, the memory card reader has been given the image guide mounting the memory card.

For those of you who have experience of the use or want to share a story about a memory card and memory card reader please give comments at the bottom of this article. Thank you.

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